Monday, December 31, 2007

Spend New Year's Eve with DOX!

Calm down, ladies. This isn't a repeat of that legendary ill-fated contest we ran way back where the "winner" received a "date" with PDP octoproducer the diggy Doxter. We learned our lesson on that one. Speaking of which, a belated happy 14th birthday to Lil' Dox, who we assume won't be reading of said contest for the first time on this site. Actually, we should probably check on that.

Back to the lecture at hand:

As a medium-cool 2007 melts into a hopefully arctic 2008, we invite you to join the other members of PDP in ringing in the new year at Local 121 in Providence, where Dox will DJ your cares away alongside the infamous Abstract Soul (of the late & lamented Zawadi) and DJ Joel Martinez (no relation to Josh).

And, flying in the face of New Year's business logic, there is no cover for this event. Try and find that elsewhere in the city!

Dox (of Poorly Drawn People)
Abstract Soul / Joel Martinez
at Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI