Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FALSIDE: Fall, Stand The Fuck Up.

As we teased with our last post, PDP's Falside shows no signs of stopping his breakneck pace of productivity lately. Today he drops his FREE fall beat tape, the appropriately titled Fall, Stand The Fuck Up, along with an eye-searing video for the song "Drugs."

A special note to Storm Davis listeners: the track "Throwing Fits" is actually the instrumental to a song called "Sandbox Autocratic" from the forthcoming SD/Falside album, B******** R***** & C****** T******. (Guess the title and we'll send you the mp3 of "Sandbox Autocratic" months before the CD is released.) Enjoy it now before Storm slobbers all over it.

Your FREE download is below. If you enjoy the awesome, you should make that happen.

Falside – “Fall, Stand The Fuck Up” (The New Beat Tape)

01. Put You on the Pedestal
02. Neck Deep
03. Waiting to Die
04. Throwing Fits
05. Loose Change
06. Six Inch Tuna
07. Your First Kill
08. The Hands That Bleed
09. Drugs
10. Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)

Here is the video from “Drugs” off of the new beat tape.
Directed by Nicolas Heller (Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FALSIDE: Making The Rest Of Us Look Like Assholes.

PDP's Falside continues to make musical moves at a thunderous pace while the rest of us exist as ghosts on the periphery. Makes the organization look good, sure, but if we were a team of team players we'd be rich by now. Or at least flush with hepatitis.

There's even more than we've listed below, but you can check those out at his newly revamped Falside.com. For now, a brief, envious and begrudging look at the latest maneuvers by the young superstar:

FALL, STAND THE FUCK UP: Falside's new beat tape.

Friends, Fans, and Family – First off, I love all of you. Second – I am continuing my seasonal beat tape series with a brand new installment. “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be available on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010.

“Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be substantially different from my previous beat tapes. This means less of that boom-bap Spacey and more of that juicy Gary Busey. I have incorporated all of my many styles including Dub Step and progressive, experimental, and vivid synthetic themes.

I am following my formula, and keeping my promise of FREE seasonal beat tapes, so download away, burn for your friends, share, post, and stand out amoungst your peers! Below is the artwork for “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up”. I’ll see you on Tuesday,November 16th.

The beat tape will feature one remix. But I’m giving it to you now!
Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)


"RUG SURFIN" - his new video with Juan Deuce:

Check out the video here, courtesy of The Echo Chamber Blog.



NEW SINGLES with Rite Hook, PackFM, and RADIx

Boston wordsmith Rite Hook lands another punch with his newest single "King On The Throne" produced by Providence, Rhode Island's heavy hitter, Falside. Intensity has always been an understatement when describing Hook's delivery, and Falside provides just the right amount of energy this time around. "King On The Throne" is yet another potent single intended to prepare you for Rite Hook's upcoming album dropping later this year.

Rite Hook
- "King On The Throne" (Prod. by Falside)
Download Here (Free)

PackFM ft. RADIx – “Cold Season” (Produced by Falside)