Tuesday, March 27, 2012

STORM DAVIS: Love & Liquid Swords.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the sold-out GZA show at Firehouse 13 in Providence last Friday. Save for a few guest shots here and there, it was my first full live performance since September 2010, and despite the rust that I shook off onto the first few rows, you gave me more love than I could have expected or anticipated. Love right back atcha.

If you missed out on the free CDs at the merch table but would like me to sing you to sleep this evening, you can get your free Storm Davis downloads here.

I couldn't have done it without supadeejay Dox Ellis, of course. Or the assists from my mens and them Cas Uno and Romen Rok (who came up to rock "Electric Ukulele" off of Cas' album Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb). Props to Juan Deuce, Falside, DJ Emoh, Al Bums, DJ Sterbyrock, and anyone else who stepped on stage, and to Ryan Gomersall, for making it happen.

Good looks to the GZA for bringing Masta Killa to the party. It's good for him to get out of the house now and then.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

REASON & DIRTY HANK - Providence Phoenix.

Dirty Hank and Reason tap the bottle and hit the mic

Blooze brothers
By CHRIS CONTI | February 21, 2012
STEPPING IT UP Hank and Reason take a breather between rounds.

Local lyricists Dirty Hank and Reason revel in drunken debauchery all over The Monty Brogan EP (Poorly Drawn Recordings), released just last week and currently up for grabs as a free download through multiple sites (check the end of these words for links). Cop it immediately. Tapping bottles (and eventually your girlfriend) remains the topic du jour with Dirty Hank Chinaski (straight outta Glocester, RI!), as previously heard on a handful of acclaimed mixtapes (streaming at dirtyhank.com), and the partnership with longtime PDP affiliate Reason sounds like a natural fit on the EP.

Members of the extended Poorly Drawn People family have been steadily releasing quality gems over the past few years. Producer Dox recently teamed with Labeless Illtelligence wordsmith ESH the Monolith on The Invisible EP (Labeless co-founder CasUno just dropped a new single as well), and multi-talented rhymer and visual artist Reason (check out his canvas works at artbyreason.com) kicked out two noteworthy full-length albums, Landlords & Lullabies and Gemini Slang.

Reason and Hank teamed up on a song titled "Monty Brogan" (named for Ed Norton's character in the film 25th Hour) on Hank's 2009 mixtape The Class Act and on a few tracks on Dirty Hank's 2010 EP, The Guide to Giving Up, which featured production from Mad Plaid and acclaimed beat conductor Falside. Hot off his heaven-sent collaboration with Juan Deuce on The Mechanics EP (hand-picked by Sage Francis for distribution via Strange Famous Records; check out the piece we ran the first week of February), Falside returns for production duties on six of the Monty Brogan tracks.

Falside's brand of 22nd-century street-corner G-Funk provides the perfect backdrop for Reason and Dirty Hank to rip bars about booze, promiscuous chicks, and head-bobbing braggadocio on the leadoff single "Say Disease." "Size Zero" and "Perfect Way to Die" are standouts, and the remix of "Overslept" (originally from Giving Up) is a personal favorite. The opening cringe-worthy sample on "Funeral Fame" fits the billing, and that riff on "Size Zero" coasts seamlessly with Reason's delivery, as does the woofer-shredding closing cut "Local Press." Producer Mad Plaid also comes through again on "Not That Hip" and "To the Moon." Dirty Hank's half-cocked flow embodies Redman, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and the Alkaholiks. On an interesting, related side note, back around 2006 Dirty Hank was the man behind Riot magazine, which focused on local graffiti and interviews with area emcees — and aspiring porn stars. His keen eye for X-rated talent landed a pretty great (yet unpublished) interview with young starlet Sasha Grey, which finally saw the light of day a few months back on theechochamberblog.com.

Rhode Island native Andrew Martin is a lead scribe for go- to indie authority potholesinmyblog.com and keeps Lil Rhody emcees on his radar, saluting Monty Brogan's "nine tracks of boom-bap madness" with this recommendation: "If you like your hip-hop grimy, a lil' strange, and full of booze-fueled wordplay, you're going to love this."

I followed up with Martin, who offered further praise.

"Reason and Dirty Hank really pushed each other to step it up lyrically and conceptually on their new EP. Plus, they're a great balance to what Falside is doing with Juan Deuce right now."

Dirty Hank is midway through completing his next project — tenta-tively titled Anything Helps — with rhyming over strictly '90s-era instrumentals.

"I'm having fun making this project because I get to go nuts over beats that I loved when I was younger," he said.

In the meantime, download a free copy of The Monty Brogan EP right now at all of these sites: dirtyhank.com, montybrogan.bandcamp.com, and poorlydrawnpeople.com.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

REASON & DIRTY HANK - The Monty Brogan EP.

After many, many months of teaser videos and years of drunken recording sessions, Reason and Dirty Hank have unleashed The Monty Brogan EP for FREE. PDP's Falside & Rhode Island homie Mad Plaid do the beatings.

Share it with your friends. And your enemies.

Click here to download the EP for FREE.

Call it anti-recession rap: a couple of artists content with their discontent exploring the depths of their Johnny Walker Red-scented underemployment. It's The Monty Brogan EP, and it's the latest project from Providence-based indie rap stalwarts Reason and Dirty Hank. It also marks the first official collaboration between Reason (best known for his work with Poorly Drawn People and his solo albums, Landlords & Lullabies and Gemini Slang) and Dirty Hank (the man responsible for a run of stellar releases, including The Class Act Mixtape and The Guide To Giving Up EP).

The 9-track release, a free download available through Poorly Drawn Recordings, finds the dubious duo at their raunchiest, musing about breakups, alcohol dependency, and squatters' rights. Production duties are handled by Falside (fresh off his collaboration with Juan Deuce, The Mechanics EP) and Mad Plaid, one of Rhode Island's premier, up-and-coming beatmakers. Songs include lead single "Say Disease," as well as "Not That Hip" and "Perfect Day To Die."

The Monty Brogan EP is available through Bandcamp at the link above . For now, it's a free download. But the safe bet is to grab it quickly, because Congress can only pass so many unemployment-benefit extensions and Brooklyn Lager isn't getting any cheaper.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Video Vanguards.

Over the past few months, many many of our mens and thems and thems mens have released videos across the nets, and we didn't tell you. Let's remedy that.

Esh + Dox - "Bored Games" (Directed by Nicolas Heller):

Dirty Hank - "Lightswitch" (Directed by Falside):

Juan Deuce - "Jimmy Buffet" (Directed by Falside):

Juan Deuce - "Menehan" (Directed by Falside):

Prolyphic - "Artist Goes Pop" (Directed by Sandrine Silverman):

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FALSIDE, Juan Deuce, Dirty Hank, Reason, Dox, Esh, & mo


Tuesday October 18th 2011

Narragansett Beer + Falside Present

“Jumping Off” at THE BRIDGE

JUAN DEUCE Live at the PVD Social Club (71 Richmond St. Providence RI)

Performing Live With Special Guests:
SNUFFY (Brooklyn)

Music Provided by CR the Beast, Dj Emoh Betta

In addition to performances

- Little Bastard Co. will be showcasing clothing and other merchandise available for purchase.

- Silent Art Auction featuring the work of local Providence Artist, Reason (and friends) – Raffle Tickets will be available giving you a chance to win original canvases.

8pm $5

Presented by
- Chime
- Narragansett Lager
- Little Bastard Co.
- Falside

For More information please visit







Be there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FALSIDE: "Snare Conditioning" Available Now.

"PDP's Falside gets up in your summer-beat-tape-holes (I'm bad at sex) with Snare Conditioning. Due to its nostalgia-demanding sample selection and laid-back nature, this is probably my favorite of his seasonal installments yet. PROLLY. Props to the kid." - Storm Deeznutz.

Producer Falside links up with ProducersIknow.com to bring you his newest instrumental installment, Snare Conditioning. Best known for providing beats to a slew of hip hop’s veteran luminaries and eager new-comers alike, Falside holds the boom bap tradition tight with this latest beat tape. Please download, listen, share, and enjoy!

Download Snare Conditioning (via Mediafire) here.

Video preview, directed by the always-bananas Nicolas Heller:

Monday, July 25, 2011

FALSIDE: Snare Conditioning.

PDP's Falside continues his seasonal series of beat tapes next month!


Presented by Producers I Know

This beat tape will also be pressed on limited edition cassettes (more info soon)


Words from Falside on the subject:

"Peep science, grouches. So I have this new Beat Tape dropping (god knows when) in the next month. It’s fittingly called “Snare Conditioning” (get it?) – and I got this wacky idea to press it on Cassettes! (remember?). As it nears completion, I will pump the promo IV directly in your feed (per usual) with info on ordering. The best part, the beat tape will (still) be free for download! Stay cool!"


Friday, July 8, 2011

ESH & DOX: Invisible.

It's not skinny jean rap. It's skinny guys in jeans rap. It's London and Tokyo, the distance between these things.

Esh the Monolith & Dox Gooden of Poorly Drawn People have released their long-percolating EP Invisible, and we like it a lot. It features raps by Esh, beats by Dox, cuts by DJ Emoh Betta, and appearances by Labeless Illtelligence's Cas Uno and Intrikit. And it's FREE.

Word in the mansion halls is that a limited edition vinyl release will be available in the fall. We'll keep you posted.

For now, click here to get your weekend playlist, already all programmed for ya. Tell your friends.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DOX & ESH: Soap Scum.

Another dose of Poorly Drawn Illtelligence, now in a smaller, kid-friendly dosage!

"Soap Scum" is a joint off the forthcoming Invisible EP: A collaborative effort between Labeless Illtelligence emcee Esh the Monolith & Poorly Drawn People Producer Dox. The "Half an Album" will feature guest appearances from CasUno (Labeless Illtelligence), Intrikit (Enviamentally Fresh Music), KiKi (Her Damn Self) & the turntable wizardry of DJ Emoh Betta (Milled Pavement). Recorded & mixed at The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge.

ESH & DOX - "Soap Scum" (Cuts By DJ EMOH BETTA) by ESH

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

REASON & DIRTY HANK: The Monty Brogan EP

Reason of Poorly Drawn People and Dirty Hank have been drinking together for years (straight) now, and, as you may be aware, when rappers drink, rappers rap. Sometimes, these raps are best left to in the rearview mirror of the next day's hangover, but at the PDP Compound, sometimes, the best of these drunken brainstorming sessions get committed to (invisible digital) tape and the world is blessed with the product of that inebriation.

The Monty Brogan EP has been a topic of discussion in the halls of the PDP Mansion for some time, and we're pleased to announce that an announcement is forthcoming.

For now, video proof of intent, courtesy of Falside:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FALSIDE: Fall, Stand The Fuck Up.

As we teased with our last post, PDP's Falside shows no signs of stopping his breakneck pace of productivity lately. Today he drops his FREE fall beat tape, the appropriately titled Fall, Stand The Fuck Up, along with an eye-searing video for the song "Drugs."

A special note to Storm Davis listeners: the track "Throwing Fits" is actually the instrumental to a song called "Sandbox Autocratic" from the forthcoming SD/Falside album, B******** R***** & C****** T******. (Guess the title and we'll send you the mp3 of "Sandbox Autocratic" months before the CD is released.) Enjoy it now before Storm slobbers all over it.

Your FREE download is below. If you enjoy the awesome, you should make that happen.

Falside – “Fall, Stand The Fuck Up” (The New Beat Tape)

01. Put You on the Pedestal
02. Neck Deep
03. Waiting to Die
04. Throwing Fits
05. Loose Change
06. Six Inch Tuna
07. Your First Kill
08. The Hands That Bleed
09. Drugs
10. Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)

Here is the video from “Drugs” off of the new beat tape.
Directed by Nicolas Heller (Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FALSIDE: Making The Rest Of Us Look Like Assholes.

PDP's Falside continues to make musical moves at a thunderous pace while the rest of us exist as ghosts on the periphery. Makes the organization look good, sure, but if we were a team of team players we'd be rich by now. Or at least flush with hepatitis.

There's even more than we've listed below, but you can check those out at his newly revamped Falside.com. For now, a brief, envious and begrudging look at the latest maneuvers by the young superstar:

FALL, STAND THE FUCK UP: Falside's new beat tape.

Friends, Fans, and Family – First off, I love all of you. Second – I am continuing my seasonal beat tape series with a brand new installment. “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be available on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010.

“Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be substantially different from my previous beat tapes. This means less of that boom-bap Spacey and more of that juicy Gary Busey. I have incorporated all of my many styles including Dub Step and progressive, experimental, and vivid synthetic themes.

I am following my formula, and keeping my promise of FREE seasonal beat tapes, so download away, burn for your friends, share, post, and stand out amoungst your peers! Below is the artwork for “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up”. I’ll see you on Tuesday,November 16th.

The beat tape will feature one remix. But I’m giving it to you now!
Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)


"RUG SURFIN" - his new video with Juan Deuce:

Check out the video here, courtesy of The Echo Chamber Blog.



NEW SINGLES with Rite Hook, PackFM, and RADIx

Boston wordsmith Rite Hook lands another punch with his newest single "King On The Throne" produced by Providence, Rhode Island's heavy hitter, Falside. Intensity has always been an understatement when describing Hook's delivery, and Falside provides just the right amount of energy this time around. "King On The Throne" is yet another potent single intended to prepare you for Rite Hook's upcoming album dropping later this year.

Rite Hook
- "King On The Throne" (Prod. by Falside)
Download Here (Free)

PackFM ft. RADIx – “Cold Season” (Produced by Falside)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CAS UNO: Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb.

There's little doubt that if you've been to a PDP show over the past 5 years, you've experienced Cas Uno of Labeless Illtelligence. Whether its been when he's (sometimes quite literally) tearing apart the stage, downing brews by the billion at the bar, or holding court outside schooling the uninitiated on the finer points of his vast network of CASpiracy theories, he's been a consistent, strong, and welcome presence in our Poorly Drawn lives.

And he's got a new record for you.

His latest CD is Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb, and he has announced that it will be his last proper solo album. He was good enough to invite a good chunk of PDP to the farewell party, as Storm Davis and Reason make appearances on the mic and Dox handles production on numerous tracks. We urge you to pick up this album without hesitation. It's dope, and definitely the most consistent and accessible Cas Uno project to date.

Here's the science from Cas himself:
Pardon the delay. Especially with the build up. I got caught up these last 3 days and tried pretty damn hard to get everything all set before being loud with the release....

IF? you click the cover above, our pals at ughh.com have it up for presale (even though they are holding now and will ship upon purchase).... Or you can paypal we at: illtelligentwreckkids@yahoo.com to cop directly from we....

We'll get this out to the bloggers, magazines still existant, websites, web stores, and physical locations in the coming days.... But bottomline; It's here fams. It's finally here....

Support the song saga that is we selling sh!t, suckas.
Also, once you've copped the disc, make sure you check out Cas' super-thorough song-by-song breakdown of the album at the Labeless blog here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

R.I.P. Eyedea (1981-2010)

If it weren't for Eyedea, Educated Consumers would never have become a part of our Poorly Drawn People family. If it weren't for Eyedea, many of the friends & supporters reading this page right now wouldn't know who we are. If it weren't for Eyedea, this rap thing that we do wouldn't be what it is today.

Rest In Peace, brother, and thank you for bringing so many great friends and family members into our life.

Please click here and give what you can to his memorial fund.

Friday, October 15, 2010

REASON: Art, Kid, Art.

Art Kid, Art.

Marc Cantstandya (B.K.A. Reason) has been creating some amazing things in the 2 dimensional world these past summer months. Check out his recent collection of work, most of it's for sale here on his Etsy site.

He also receives props from the ever-PDP-supporting Echo Chamber blog here.