Tuesday, February 7, 2012

REASON & DIRTY HANK - The Monty Brogan EP.

After many, many months of teaser videos and years of drunken recording sessions, Reason and Dirty Hank have unleashed The Monty Brogan EP for FREE. PDP's Falside & Rhode Island homie Mad Plaid do the beatings.

Share it with your friends. And your enemies.

Click here to download the EP for FREE.

Call it anti-recession rap: a couple of artists content with their discontent exploring the depths of their Johnny Walker Red-scented underemployment. It's The Monty Brogan EP, and it's the latest project from Providence-based indie rap stalwarts Reason and Dirty Hank. It also marks the first official collaboration between Reason (best known for his work with Poorly Drawn People and his solo albums, Landlords & Lullabies and Gemini Slang) and Dirty Hank (the man responsible for a run of stellar releases, including The Class Act Mixtape and The Guide To Giving Up EP).

The 9-track release, a free download available through Poorly Drawn Recordings, finds the dubious duo at their raunchiest, musing about breakups, alcohol dependency, and squatters' rights. Production duties are handled by Falside (fresh off his collaboration with Juan Deuce, The Mechanics EP) and Mad Plaid, one of Rhode Island's premier, up-and-coming beatmakers. Songs include lead single "Say Disease," as well as "Not That Hip" and "Perfect Day To Die."

The Monty Brogan EP is available through Bandcamp at the link above . For now, it's a free download. But the safe bet is to grab it quickly, because Congress can only pass so many unemployment-benefit extensions and Brooklyn Lager isn't getting any cheaper.

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