Monday, December 31, 2007

Spend New Year's Eve with DOX!

Calm down, ladies. This isn't a repeat of that legendary ill-fated contest we ran way back where the "winner" received a "date" with PDP octoproducer the diggy Doxter. We learned our lesson on that one. Speaking of which, a belated happy 14th birthday to Lil' Dox, who we assume won't be reading of said contest for the first time on this site. Actually, we should probably check on that.

Back to the lecture at hand:

As a medium-cool 2007 melts into a hopefully arctic 2008, we invite you to join the other members of PDP in ringing in the new year at Local 121 in Providence, where Dox will DJ your cares away alongside the infamous Abstract Soul (of the late & lamented Zawadi) and DJ Joel Martinez (no relation to Josh).

And, flying in the face of New Year's business logic, there is no cover for this event. Try and find that elsewhere in the city!

Dox (of Poorly Drawn People)
Abstract Soul / Joel Martinez
at Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI

Monday, November 26, 2007

PDP & Kool Keith!

Thursday November 29
The Living Room
23 Rathbone St
Providence RI
ALL AGES / Doors 9pm / $15 advance $18 day of

(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)

You may know him as Dr Octagon, or from Ultramagnetic MCs, or maybe he's Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom, or Ice-T's partner in Analog Pimps. Or perhaps to you he's just Matthew. Whatever you call him, he's in Rhode Island this Thursday with Poorly Drawn People, so you're going to want to be there.

It's an all ages show, so any uninitiated youngins are going to want to get the science on Mr. Thornton, and can do so here:

Kool Keith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Kool Keith - New York, New York - Rap / Hip Hop ...

and most 'specially, you must view Kool Keith's thoughts on seltzer water here:

additional info can be found at

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Thanksgiving Aftermath.

So you came home for the holiday and remembered why you moved away. But the stuffing was delicious. Come pour some beer on your extra pounds and forget that Moms tried to enforce your junior high curfew when you bounced from the house. PDP is here for you, friend.

(Thanksgiving Weekend)

115 Empire St
Providence RI
ALL AGES / 8pm / $6

Indef Art presents...

(Reason / Storm Davis / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)

(Formulatin' Fathers)

Charles ExSavior
Jots One

plus an OPEN MIC from 8pm-9pm

Inappropriate Behavior

The DOX & ABSTRACT SOUL Dance Party,

I'll let Dox do the explaining:

"Dox and Abstract Soul will be bringing a night of deep fried funk and robot rock. Yesterday's classics and today's hits. It goes down at Tazza this Saturday.

This month's featured performers - My people, Poorly Drawn People (Storm Davis, Reason & DJ Sterbyrock).Last month we brought Joe Beats & Blak, who brought down the house. This month promises to be just as much fun. So please, make it the fuck out.xoxoxoxoxo - dox"

250 Westminster St
Providence RI
doors 9pm / 21+ / $5 at the door, $2 with flyer
for more information.

Free copies of the 25-track PDP CD sampler/mixtape NOTHING STAYS GOLD will be available in case you missed it.....and if you can't wait, download here:

Hope to see you there!


Party & Bulfinch.

Flyer courtesy of New East Music.

Thursday November 15 brought PDP to the Bulfinch Yacht Club in Boston, MA as a guest of J.D.O. ( and alongside our longtime partners-in-crime Labeless Illtelligence (

A healthy group of attendees, drinkers and screamers all, made for a fun night of hip hop in the Bean, despite one of said attendees assaulting Storm Davis for his customary headgear endorsement of the Oakland A's and forcing him to rock a tiny camoflauge Red Sox hat for the first 2 songs. And then there was Dox, unable to reign in his on-stage enthusiasm, smashing Heinekens out of the hands of fans (who were, of course, compensated post-show). Reason was well-behaved, and Sterby did not shank that homeless man, no matter whatchooheard. Props to the section of the crowd who gave their passionate endorsement to PDP's suggestion that Fugees' henchman John Forte be freed from incarceration.

The B.O.S. Skwad took the bullet and opened the show, followed by an impressive set by Shivaa, who we are hoping to hear more from in the future. J.D.O. peppered the night with a joint here and a joint there, then followed the epic freestyle sandwich (frees in the middle, joints all around) prepared by Cas Uno, Esh the Monolith, and DJ Al Bums with his headling set.

The night's highlight came from J.D.O.'s producer Matteo Getz, who, clad in a shiny suit and fitted cap, paired with dark-dyed cuffed jeans and dress shoes, drunkenly (we hope) stalked the PDP and Labeless crew members (as well as many a patron) hollering, "I'M THE STAR HERE! I'M THE REAL STAR! TELL 'EM, J.D.O.!" and played the role of close-talker with lines such as, "Matteo Getz! Matteo Getz! Don't you EVER forget the name!" We'll be following Senor Getz' career with great interest, beleedat.

Much love to all those who gave love after the set, and appreciation to those who took copies of Nothing Stays Gold home to beef up the iPod (pause?). Look forward to the next one, and if you were there and you're reading this, leave some science below.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Nothing Stays Gold Mixtape

Here it is, for all you tech-savvy e-people that missed the PDP show at the Living Room in Providence on September 15th...or didn't catch our shameless shower of free discs outside the Atmosphere and Aesop Rock shows this weekend...

The Poorly Drawn People Nothing Stays Gold sampler, featuring 25 previously unreleased tracks from STORM DAVIS, REASON, DOX, and ENTITY, plus appearances from Prolyphic (Strange Famous Records), Labeless Illtelligence's CasUno & Esh, DJ Al Bums, AmsUno, Jon Hope, RADIx, Falside, Justin Catoni, Frank Ripp, Emilio Lopez, and more!

Feel free to forward, leak, bootleg, burn, fileshare, and otherwise engage in all forms of piracy with the enclosed release. We made it for the planet to hear, so help us make that happen.

The initial run of 100 limited edition Sterbyrock-scripted CD-R's are gone, but another 500 (non-scripted) are available for those who would like a physical copy. Just get at us when you see us slinking around your local liquor store or burrito joint for the plastic, or if you're from a far-off land outside of New England, you can pay $3 via PayPal (to cover shipping & handling. PayPal address: and we'll get one to you ASAP. A free copy will be included with any order of Reason's Gemini Slang, Storm Davis' Kegstand Poetry, or Dox's Dusty Pickup.

A warning to the superstitious: PDP DJ Sterbyrock has pointed out that the running time of the CD is 77 minutes and 34 seconds... or 7734, which all oldschool satanist beeper heads will know is... HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just sayin.

The link to download:

Hope you dig, pass it on, and let us know what you think.............



Why We're Here.

Welcome one and all to the brand-new Poorly Drawn People blogspot. This will double as the "News" section of (in tandem with our reliable ol' MySpace blog, of course) until we can get a redesign set and ready for the site proper.

We certainly do love the current layout of the PDP homepage (courtesy of the many-leveled genius of Justin Catoni), but as those in the know can see, there have been some organizational changes since that version went up. Membership, music, show dates... they're all still there from a long ways ago, and with the new year on the horizon, we felt it best to deliver you the current facts in this between-site design time.

So here we are.

The old news, for those who need to catch up, or would like to reminisce, is available in the blog at Selected entries will be re-published here for your peeping-ease.

Once again, welcome. Stay tuned, we've got some good stuff in store fo' 2008.

-Storm Davis PDP