Monday, November 19, 2007

Why We're Here.

Welcome one and all to the brand-new Poorly Drawn People blogspot. This will double as the "News" section of (in tandem with our reliable ol' MySpace blog, of course) until we can get a redesign set and ready for the site proper.

We certainly do love the current layout of the PDP homepage (courtesy of the many-leveled genius of Justin Catoni), but as those in the know can see, there have been some organizational changes since that version went up. Membership, music, show dates... they're all still there from a long ways ago, and with the new year on the horizon, we felt it best to deliver you the current facts in this between-site design time.

So here we are.

The old news, for those who need to catch up, or would like to reminisce, is available in the blog at Selected entries will be re-published here for your peeping-ease.

Once again, welcome. Stay tuned, we've got some good stuff in store fo' 2008.

-Storm Davis PDP

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