Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FALSIDE: Fall, Stand The Fuck Up.

As we teased with our last post, PDP's Falside shows no signs of stopping his breakneck pace of productivity lately. Today he drops his FREE fall beat tape, the appropriately titled Fall, Stand The Fuck Up, along with an eye-searing video for the song "Drugs."

A special note to Storm Davis listeners: the track "Throwing Fits" is actually the instrumental to a song called "Sandbox Autocratic" from the forthcoming SD/Falside album, B******** R***** & C****** T******. (Guess the title and we'll send you the mp3 of "Sandbox Autocratic" months before the CD is released.) Enjoy it now before Storm slobbers all over it.

Your FREE download is below. If you enjoy the awesome, you should make that happen.

Falside – “Fall, Stand The Fuck Up” (The New Beat Tape)

01. Put You on the Pedestal
02. Neck Deep
03. Waiting to Die
04. Throwing Fits
05. Loose Change
06. Six Inch Tuna
07. Your First Kill
08. The Hands That Bleed
09. Drugs
10. Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)

Here is the video from “Drugs” off of the new beat tape.
Directed by Nicolas Heller (Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FALSIDE: Making The Rest Of Us Look Like Assholes.

PDP's Falside continues to make musical moves at a thunderous pace while the rest of us exist as ghosts on the periphery. Makes the organization look good, sure, but if we were a team of team players we'd be rich by now. Or at least flush with hepatitis.

There's even more than we've listed below, but you can check those out at his newly revamped Falside.com. For now, a brief, envious and begrudging look at the latest maneuvers by the young superstar:

FALL, STAND THE FUCK UP: Falside's new beat tape.

Friends, Fans, and Family – First off, I love all of you. Second – I am continuing my seasonal beat tape series with a brand new installment. “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be available on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010.

“Fall, Stand The F*ck Up” will be substantially different from my previous beat tapes. This means less of that boom-bap Spacey and more of that juicy Gary Busey. I have incorporated all of my many styles including Dub Step and progressive, experimental, and vivid synthetic themes.

I am following my formula, and keeping my promise of FREE seasonal beat tapes, so download away, burn for your friends, share, post, and stand out amoungst your peers! Below is the artwork for “Fall, Stand The F*ck Up”. I’ll see you on Tuesday,November 16th.

The beat tape will feature one remix. But I’m giving it to you now!
Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah” (Falside Remix)


"RUG SURFIN" - his new video with Juan Deuce:

Check out the video here, courtesy of The Echo Chamber Blog.



NEW SINGLES with Rite Hook, PackFM, and RADIx

Boston wordsmith Rite Hook lands another punch with his newest single "King On The Throne" produced by Providence, Rhode Island's heavy hitter, Falside. Intensity has always been an understatement when describing Hook's delivery, and Falside provides just the right amount of energy this time around. "King On The Throne" is yet another potent single intended to prepare you for Rite Hook's upcoming album dropping later this year.

Rite Hook
- "King On The Throne" (Prod. by Falside)
Download Here (Free)

PackFM ft. RADIx – “Cold Season” (Produced by Falside)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CAS UNO: Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb.

There's little doubt that if you've been to a PDP show over the past 5 years, you've experienced Cas Uno of Labeless Illtelligence. Whether its been when he's (sometimes quite literally) tearing apart the stage, downing brews by the billion at the bar, or holding court outside schooling the uninitiated on the finer points of his vast network of CASpiracy theories, he's been a consistent, strong, and welcome presence in our Poorly Drawn lives.

And he's got a new record for you.

His latest CD is Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb, and he has announced that it will be his last proper solo album. He was good enough to invite a good chunk of PDP to the farewell party, as Storm Davis and Reason make appearances on the mic and Dox handles production on numerous tracks. We urge you to pick up this album without hesitation. It's dope, and definitely the most consistent and accessible Cas Uno project to date.

Here's the science from Cas himself:
Pardon the delay. Especially with the build up. I got caught up these last 3 days and tried pretty damn hard to get everything all set before being loud with the release....

IF? you click the cover above, our pals at ughh.com have it up for presale (even though they are holding now and will ship upon purchase).... Or you can paypal we at: illtelligentwreckkids@yahoo.com to cop directly from we....

We'll get this out to the bloggers, magazines still existant, websites, web stores, and physical locations in the coming days.... But bottomline; It's here fams. It's finally here....

Support the song saga that is we selling sh!t, suckas.
Also, once you've copped the disc, make sure you check out Cas' super-thorough song-by-song breakdown of the album at the Labeless blog here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

R.I.P. Eyedea (1981-2010)

If it weren't for Eyedea, Educated Consumers would never have become a part of our Poorly Drawn People family. If it weren't for Eyedea, many of the friends & supporters reading this page right now wouldn't know who we are. If it weren't for Eyedea, this rap thing that we do wouldn't be what it is today.

Rest In Peace, brother, and thank you for bringing so many great friends and family members into our life.

Please click here and give what you can to his memorial fund.

Friday, October 15, 2010

REASON: Art, Kid, Art.

Art Kid, Art.

Marc Cantstandya (B.K.A. Reason) has been creating some amazing things in the 2 dimensional world these past summer months. Check out his recent collection of work, most of it's for sale here on his Etsy site.

He also receives props from the ever-PDP-supporting Echo Chamber blog here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FALSIDE: October Update

Lil bro and PDP producer emeritus Falside has dropped knowledge regarding his latest comings and goings:

Whats the word internerds? The month of October has been nothing but productive. I am currently neck deep in unreleased material bound to make you heads nod. I’ll start off with announcing the title to my album, (yes my album). Dusty Knuckle Fan Club (D.K.F.C.). This will be my first official release/full length producer compilation featuring a culmination of artists from coast to coast. As of now, I do not have a release date, but rest assured it is on it’s way to completion (so keep it on your radar). For now, I can let you know that Jeru the Damaja, Stalley, Planet Asia, and Copywrite have all contributed DOPE to the project….but that is give or take 35% of the suprises in store.

Along with the release of Dusty Knuckle Fan Club I am working on a free mixtape with Undergroundhiphop.com that will be a freebie bonus disc included with Dusty Knuckle Fan Club. In the upcoming month, I will be leaking two or three songs from the mixtape on the interwebs (most notably, a fire record with Pack Fm and RADIx, another with Canada’s grindhorse Noah23, and other gems with Lo-Life Meyhem Lauren and Queens wordsmith, Action Bronson).

On the home front, Reason (Poorly Drawn People) and myself will be announcing the release of our Free EP (Death Before Decaf). This is a collection of dope records we have completed over the summer/early fall months. More information on that project very soon. Rite Hook and myself also have some new kush brewing ready to fuck you in your ear drums. I am contributing to many upcoming Poorly Drawn People releases (The Million Dollar Dumpster Mixtape) and a collaboration with fellow PDP REC family, Educated Consumers.

You will not be able to avoid that promo onslaught once it begins.

That’s that, for now.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People We Know.

A few weeks back, Dirty Hank released a digital EP called I Might Need A Doctor that featured Storm Davis on the track "Burning In Water." If you missed it, its now the Featured Download at ZebraIsFood.com, a blog that's shown a healthy grip of PDP love in the past.

Now, Hank is offering one of his previous digital EPs, Dirty Hank's Guide to Giving Up, in hard copy CD format for your collecting pleasure. Here's what he says:
Nothing special here, slim cases, cd-r and a shitty printed label. But they come directly from me and I include a personalized death threat with each order. Stickers and other shit come with it too. they are 4 bucks shipping is free. they can reach me at this hankisdirty at gmail.com
Concise and thorough. That's Dirty Hank for you. Salesman of the Year.

The Guide to Giving Up features PDP's Falside on beats and Reason on rhymes. If you ain't got it, go get it.

Also, this Saturday night, Reason joins Dirty Hank to throw down alongside friends-of-PDP Labeless Illtelligence, Big CityBumpus, The ProblemAddicts, TroopRaw and Mic.Feen as Providence welcomes Michigan's One.Be.Lo to the City Cafe. Details can be found here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PDP: Stuff & Thangs.

Long time no update. Or, a month, anyway. Here's some of what's been keeping your favorite Poorly Drawn Peoples and their associates busy:

Last Saturday night, under the stars and adjacent to a beer tent filled with the first officially drinkable Narragansett beer (called "Fest," appropriately), Storm Davis, Reason, and Dox took the stage at the Rocktucket Block Party in Pawtucket, RI and made a whole bunch of new friends as we filled a half-hour with hip hop in an evening otherwise replete with noise-rock and its offshoot genres. The festival itself got a thumbs up from the crew, with the roped-off block filled with trendy cuisine-du-jour food trucks and universally happy drunks. And crackheads dancing with canes and finger-dancers on LSD. Our type of party. Many thanks to the Rocktucket organizers for having us.

The previous Wednesday, Cas Uno and Esh the Monolith of Labeless Illtelligence had Storm & Dox up to the House of Blues Boston to perform for the post-Fenway crowd. Labeless' Intrikit and his crew D.I.M. also contributed to the spectacle, and SD fell in love with a painting of an alligator by an artist named Jane McCord that hung over a booth in the pub area. It was appropriately titled "Alligator," and he regrets not snapping a picture of it. So many lost opportunities in this here rap game.

Dirty Hank, the Kato Kaelin of the PDP Universe, released a free 4-song downloadable EP called I Might Need A Doctor, featuring Storm Davis on one track and the sultry tones of Reason making some noise on another. Here's the official write-up for the project, plus a link to download the tunes:

“Providence, Rhode Island rabblerouser Dirty Hank is back with his second release of the year, “I Might Need A Doctor.” This short project is a follow up to his critically acclaimed EP, “The Guide To Giving Up” (a collaboration with renowned producer Falside).

After being placed on medical leave from work due to acute anxiety, Dirty Hank Chinaski mustered up enough energy (after many therapy appointments) to link up with producer MadPlaid to record 4 brand new booze-soaked, mania-steeped joints. Storm Davis of the Poorly Drawn People collaborative makes an appearance on “Burning In Water” and sidekick Reason (PDP) sneaks his way onto Hank’s “Gluten Freestyle” jammy.

The summer may be over, but, uhhh….fuck it, I can’t come up with anything clever to end it with. Download, share and enjoy. Hams!”


Follow Hank on twitter – twitter.com/dirtyhank

You can also stream the track "Burning In Water" featuring Storm Davis at PDP's Facebook page here.

Labeless boss Cas Uno has a new solo album on the horizon, and has leaked the first single, "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb." The title track is produced by Deto-22 of Phenetiks and features Esh the Monolith on the hook. Check it:

CasUno - Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

The full-length features appearances from PDP's Reason, Dox, and Storm Davis, among many others. We'll be sure to put you on to any other info as it comes, and let you know when it drops.

Dox continues to help alcoholics start their week off in their customary fashion at Clean Living every Monday night at Local 121 in Providence. Also a completely viable spot for watching Monday Night Football. See and be scene, all in one spot. Handy.

Reason has been making art. Click here to check it out and fall in love all over again.

Falside has been prepping for his producer showcase set at the Western Front in Boston on October 7. And doing a million other things, cuz that's how he rolls. You can get the scoop on alladat at Falside.com.

Entity has teased us with a leak from his 7-years-in-the-making album Second Wind called "Goodbye." It is unlike anything you've ever heard from the PDP camp, and a sound only Entity could provide to you. To listen and get your free download, check out Entity's Bandcamp site here.

What else? Work continues on at least a half dozen PDP-related projects that we'll get to you sooner or later, with Falside, Storm Davis, Entity, Reason, Dox, and Educated Consumers all involved in one way or another. But we've given you enough to read for today. You're gonna have to come back for that info when the time is right.

As always, we love you. Yeah, you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PDP REC: Steady Business.

Continuing our series of press-you-missed, here's an article from the June 2, 2010 issue of the Providence Phoenix spotlighting the recent works of PDP's Reason and Falside:

"Poorly Drawn People has some new members, and a new way of doing biz."

Earlier this year, acclaimed hip-hop collective Poorly Drawn People announced (via PoorlyDrawnPeople.com) the birth of Poorly Drawn Recordings, a home base for PDP pioneers Storm Davis, Dox, and Reason, as well as producer extraordinaire Falside, a key free agent pickup for the PDP ensemble. The February blog post gave some insight on the newfound, streamlined approach under the PDP REC umbrella: "We've managed to go our entire existence without signing to or establishing an actual record label . . . We've done pretty well as a 'collective,' a team with a revolving roster that carried the same flag onto the field every game.

"Same house, just got some new furniture."

PDP REC is accruing talent outside state lines, having signed Maryland-based duo Educated Consumers as well as providing support for longtime cohort Entity, who relocated to the D.C. area. Indeed, business has been steady at PDP HQ in '10, with Falside cranking out must-have mixtapes on a quarterly basis and the recent release of the critically-acclaimed Landlords & Lullabies by veteran PDP wordsmith Reason.

Esteemed producer Falside just turned 21 but has already garnered the respect of some serious indie-rap luminaries, particularly with his latest mixtape, Dollars Make Change. C-Rayz Walz drops two quality tracks, "Catching the Strange" and "Hall of Game," while Pacewon and El Da Sensei tear up "Too Many MCs." Termanology and Vast Aire also appear, and the standout closing track "Too Much" features Boston-based rhymer Slaine of La Coka Nostra fame. The Dollars mixtape is available for free download at Falside.com; while you're there, be sure to look up his previous releases, namely the Meet n Veggies EP with Boston turntablist DJ Emoh Betta (of the Deck Demons) and the '09 "seasonal beat tapes" Cold Feat and Bugs In Ya' Teef. "I've just recorded a record with Jeru the Damaja," reads a Falside tweet from last weekend. Not too shabby, considering Falside was barely five years old when Jeru the Damaja dropped The Sun Rises In the East (Jesus, we're getting old).

Andrew Martin, local journalist and co-founder of the rap authority PotHolesInMyBlog.com, acknowledged Fal's enviable skills behind the boards: "Falside's production is just too damn good to not want him to take over, or at least be a major part of the game."

Falside produced seven of the 14 tracks on Reason's Landlords & Lullabies, with quality production help from ESH the Monolith of Labeless Illtelligence and PDP's Dox. Landlords is the official follow-up to his 2006 solo debut Gemini Slang (the recent Stalker Stories mixtape is also up for grabs free of charge); he was also an integral voice on Poorly Drawn People's Nothing Stays Gold, Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling, and Motion Not Emotion.

Landlords & Lullabies boasts more of Reason's slick quips and punchlines, necessitating the aural double-take when zipping through bars on "Girls with Cameras" and the new single "I Don't Want to Build," but Reason sounds more coolly confident on Landlords, and the opening four cuts are some of Reason's finest yet. Falside's funky percussion escorts Reason on the opener "Apocalyptic Sunrise," ESH loops drunken saloon piano on "Release," Storm Davis and Reason address trust fund "starving artists" on "Designer Kids," and "Paid Bills" (which debuted on The Ocean State Sampler, a free download available at PotHolesInMyBlog.com) proves why Falside and Reason make a nice tandem. No filler (or nonsense skits) here, as the latter-half cuts hold their own, from the funky Dox-produced jam "The Touch" to the new single "I Don't Want to Build," addressing wannabe "genre-hopping" Internet emcees. And a nominee for double entendre of the year goes to ESH on "Distracted": "Deep in a hole like Courtney Love on Ketamine."

FALSIDE.COM | MYSPACE.COM/REASON | Hit up PoorlyDrawnPeople.com for info on all past, present, and future PDP REC releases

Peep the article by Chris Conti in its original context here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Falside: Action Bronson.

Queens, NY wordsmith Action Bronson released his new video today for the Falside-produced song, "Imported Goods." Check it out and tell Falside what you think over on his Facebook page.

Friday, August 13, 2010

RADIx: Say Yes.

Friends-of-PDP RADIx (you've heard them on the collab track "Never Be Forgotten" off of the Poorly Drawn mixtape Nothing Stays Gold) have been on the promo trail for their new album Say Yes for awhile now, so we wanted to give a little assist and post up the video for the title track for you, our other Friends-of-PDP, to peep.

Quite Nyce & Seek are not only two of the hardest working dudes in the underground scene, but also two of the most genuine as well. We've performed countless shows with them over the past 5 years, and they've always gone out of their way to show us support. You can do the same by downloading the mp3 for "Say Yes" on iTunes here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reason: AboveGround Magazine Interview.

As we continue to bubble under the surface, slowly constructing the next monsterpieces to be unleashed from the catacombs deep 'neath the basement of the PDP Mansion, we figured we'd take this downtime to post up some old press from the past few months that we failed to share with you when it was at its freshest.

Here's an interview with Reason done by the fine folks at AboveGround Magazine:

Reason is a member of the Rhode Island-based independent hip-hop collective, Poorly Drawn People. He recently dropped his sophomore album Landlords & Lullabies, which is the follow-up to his acclaimed debut album, Gemini Slang. With his time between albums, Reason traveled the East coast and beyond with the PDP crew in support of their collaborative projects, Motion Not Emotion and Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling. Reason has worked with underground artists such as Drumat!c, Lazerbeak (of Doomtree), Phillip Drummond and fellow PDP-members Falside, Storm Davis and Dox.

We hooked up with Reason for this week’s First 5. Check it out!

1. Tell us something no one knows about you.

I’m a hypocrite but only on the weekends. I also document any spelling, grammatical, punctuation or print errors I come across in anything I read. I’ve got 3 notebooks dedicated to it.

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

People should give back to my music but if they have to take something away hopefully it’s a little less self hatred. Also, an understanding that yes, your friends and their friends, are better rappers than Reason.

3. What is one of your biggest regrets?

Deciding to take rap music seriously.

4. What’s one of your greatest hip-hop memories?

Seeing RUN DMC live! No, that never happened. I’ve never seen them live. My greatest hip-hop memory or memories are probably when it wasn’t cool to be a part of hip-hop. Those were fun times.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully not here but who knows. I’ll probably still be making music and still paying rent. If that doesn’t pan out perhaps I’ll open a bar with someone else’s money… Dream big kiddies.

To purchase Reason’s releases visit his MySpace page. To purchase albums from Poorly Drawn People visit their website.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The PDP Online Store is open for bizness! No more schlepping to shows to cop your favorite PDP gear, only to find out that merch-men Amedeo Sallese and Petey Wheatstraw are far too inebriated to find your size. No more complaints that street team president Tony Sparks is off spinning classic rock somewhere and has left Peace Guy to mind the wares all night. Now you can just schlep to shows to yell at us for using Yiddish terms in blog posts because we just fucking love alliteration.

Anyway, we digress. Click here to shop yo' face off. FREE SHIPPING from now til the grand opening ceases to be so grand.

And, as always, thank you for your support.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Sterbyrock: Who's Laughing Now?

Once upon a time, DJ Sterbyrock could be seen doing damage at the rear of the stage at every live PDP performance. Our original steel-wheel-minder, Dusty Frazier, had moved on to bigger and warmer states, and Sterby slid right into the lineup and held it down, show after show, for years.

As we all know, times change, people change, hairstyles change. Sterby found a more lucrative outlet for his DJing prowess where he could better express his styles (and subsidize his fearsome sneaker collection), and Dox decided that rapping was for the birds (quite literally, in a slang-related sort of way) and announced he'd prefer to move behind the tables. Everyone was happy.

So now, on the occasions when Dox decides to relive his former frontman glory, Sterby returns to fill his former steady gig. But in the meantime, he can be found spinning his signature mash-ups to Eddie Money fans and M.O.P. enthusiasts alike at a club near you, while still holding down Warped Wax Wednesdays with SwerveOne on 90.3 FM WRIU, and cranking out outrageously limited-edition mixtapes at an enviable pace.

Here's his latest:

Raekwon - Disposable Gunz
Sean Price - Sean Legend
Radix - Weight of the World
Scarface - Dopeman Music ft. B.James, Monk
Ghostface - Malcolm
Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - Fuckin With a Gangster
Nutso - This is My Hood ft. Royal Flush
RomenRok - Laughter ft. Gavin Castleton
Celph Titled - Styles Ain’t Raw ft. Apathy & Chino XL
Copywrite - Last Laugh
Rock - Letter to Mike Black
Truck North & The 3rd - Out There
Sean Price & Big Twinz - That’s What We Want
Little Brother - 24 ft. Torae
Nems - Grown Man ft. Sean Price
John Hope - Which One
DooWop & T.O.N.Y - We Got Gunz (Solar Diss)
Raekwon - Just for Laughs
Joell Ortiz - Project Boy
N.O.R.E & Raekwon - Slow Down
Sadat X - X & Bill
Brown Bag AllStars
Cook Classics - Best Of Love ft. Shawn Jackson, Diz Gibran
Troop Raw - That RI Shit
J-Live - The Way That I Rhyme


Friday, July 16, 2010

Falside: Jesus Shaves.

A few weeks back, PDP's phenom producer Falside dropped his latest beat tape on the grateful Innaweb masses, brightening up the soundscape of your hip hop summer. It occurred to us today that while we trumpeted this all over the rest of the 'Net (no Sandra Bullock), we didn't give the info directly to you, our faithful blog followers. So here's the story:

DOWNLOAD HERE – http://usershare.net/c0nyin6sh5mv

1. My Fucking Records
2. Dusty Stickers
3. Chocolate Box
4. Captain Junkie
5. Mechanics
6. Summer Style Fantastic
7. Messin With The Kid
ft. Isaiah The Tooth Taker, Thekeenone, Reason, Falside*
8. Jesus Shaves

Quite a story, isn't it. Falside isn't much on the words when it comes to the beat tapes. But he sure does bring it with the visuals:

So that's the deal. Free Falside beats for your summer high rides. Go download and freestyle your faces off. Your welcome. And thank you.

For more Falside, make sure to religiously surrender to Falside.com.

Monday, July 12, 2010

PDP's Educated Consumers tour w/ Eyedea & Abilities!

By now, you know that PDP will be opening for Rhymesayers' Eyedea & Abilities in Providence this Thursday (see previous post for details). What you may not know is that our Poorly Drawn brethren Educated Consumers are performing as the support act on the rest of the tour, and you may be able to catch them at a venue near you. Here's the word from EC's Seez Mics:

We will be touring with Eyedea & Abilities July 13 - 22. Please join us and/or spread the word to anyone who is fortunate enough to live in these beautiful places.

7.13 Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee's

7.14 Buffalo, NY - Big Orbit Soundlab

7.15 Washington, DC - DC 9*

7.16 Portland, ME - Space

7.17 New York, NY - The Mercury Lounge

7.19 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church

7.20 Baltimore, MD - The Ottobar (w/ Cubbiebear)

7.21 Columbus, OH - Skully's Music Diner

7.22 Chicago, IL - The Bottom Lounge

*Eyedea & Abilities will NOT be at this gig. But you will, if only because we are giving out a FREE DVD of our video exploits and a CD of new material.

Educated Consumers

The PDP that you've come to know and love over the years actually met the EC fellas while performing at a show with E&A in 2007. And look how that turned out. So you should hit up these shows, cuz you never know just where the magic is gonna happen. You just never know.

Speaking of magic, click here to read Seez Mic's full Facebook note about the tour, containing details like a motherfucker and a collection of must-read words and other word-like glyphs.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

PDP w/ EYEDEA & ABILITIES This Thursday!

I know, I know... where the fuck have we been? We been all over and then some, and lacking updates time because of it. We'll play catch up in a post this week (gawd willin) but remember that you can always get the latest news on the PDP FB here. And thanks for caring.

Here's today's scoop: This Thursday, Poorly Drawn People will be opening (along with our Labeless Illtelligence fams) for Rhymesayers' Eyedea & Abilities at Club Hell in Providence, RI. Special thanks to E&A and to our PDP-crewmates Educated Consumers for hooking up the date.


Thursday July 15 2010


Club Hell
Richmond St, Providence RI
18+ | doors 8pm | $10 adv / $12 day of

Hope to see you there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reason: URB Magazine gives L&L 4 out of 5 Stars!

Recently, we blubbered on about our love for URB Magazine and how it felt very warm and fuzzy (and hardcore)(guns weed forties) to have them recognize PDP for our deep underground antics. Well, they've come through again: URB has given Reason's Landlords & Lullabies a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars! Peep the text below for their take on the record:
For many, hip-hop may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the small state of Rhode Island is brought up – but that’s okay. Rhode Island has a true underground scene, and it’s one of hip-hop’s best-kept secrets. Emerging from this underground is rapper Reason, who is also a member of the collective Poorly Drawn People. Reason’s latest full-length, Landlords and Lullabies, is an ambitious, blue-collar album that gives a fresh spin to many of hip-hop’s most trite topics. “Designer Kids” takes aim at pretentious artists, using hilarious anecdotes for verses that lead into a cautionary hook. On “Release” Reason delivers some of his more personal bars, instructing critics to love him or hate him, but to understand that he simply won’t change just to please them. And that’s a good thing, because Reason is making moves in the right direction.

The production on Landlords and Lullabies is a welcomed return to hip-hop’s more traditional aesthetics. Sampling vocal chops and catchy piano and horn loops, the production gives the album a slight jazz vibe, but it remains grounded in hip-hop with boom-bap drum sequences. Falside produced half of the album, including the standout track “Paid Bills.” The production lineup is rounded out by Esh the Monolith, Justin Catoni, DRUMAT!C, Dox, and PhillipDrummond. Despite a large production roster, Landlords and Lullabies is a remarkably cohesive project.

Reason succeeds because he allows his intelligence to subtly overcome the listener. His rhymes aren’t overpowering and verbose like Percee P’s, yet there is a definite creativity to his storytelling that makes his lyrics every bit as worthwhile. He pays close attention to finer details such as syllable structure and internal rhyme to ensure that his words flow fluidly over the beats. It is this attention to details that makes Landlords and Lullabies a rewarding listen from start to finish.

Check out the article in its original context here.

Big ups to URB and writer Zach Cole for the endorsement.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Landlords & Lullabies: Week One.

Reason's Landlords & Lullabies album will be one week old in the eyes of the public tomorrow, and the crew here at Poorly Drawn Recordings just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all who've purchased both online and in the mom & pop shops, as well as the reviewers, newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs that have given the record ink and love.

If you missed copping it release week, you can still order it direct from ListenToReason.net, CDBaby, or on iTunes (or your favorite eTailer).

We'll have a bunch of show announcements, plugs for upcoming projects, and more in-depth looks at the coverage of Landlords & Lullabies coming at you soon, but for now we wanted to show a little appreciation back to you. There it is.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reason: I Don't Want to Build - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Poorly Drawn People frontman Reason and producer Falside set their sights on the shaky foundations that serve as the basis for most post-MySpace-age rap collaborations on "I Don't Want to Build", the second single from Reason's sophomore LP, Landlords & Lullabies (out April 6 on Poorly Drawn Recordings).

Reas serves notice to inflated-ego 'netcees with his precisely executed rants: "These suckers get exposed, oh what? you been genre-hopping? well you ain't Tarantino - every month your album's droppin... if it wasn't for the Internet, your ass wouldn't exist." In the background, sidekick Dirty Hank scatters his manic vocal accents over Falside's bouncing hypnotics, which act as a perfect complement to the message of the track.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD of "I Don't Want To Build":

Reason's Landlords & Lullabies is available April 6, 2010. Click here for a special pre-order package including the CD and a grip of free bonus items.

For more info on Reason, Falside, and Poorly Drawn People, visit www.poorlydrawnpeople.com or on Facebook here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

URB Magazine Loves Us Back.

For years, your pals here at the PDP Mansion have scoured each and every issue of URB Magazine, searching for like-minded audiophile miscreants and photos of slender neon-cloaked ladies rocking huge headphones among the pages of the latest and greatest 'bout to bubble over beatmakers and vocalists.

Dr Hook may have echoed the sentiments of our parents' generation's garage bands when he sang about the cover of a Rolling Stone, but URB was where we wanted to be. The Source died with the '90s, XXL never quite got it, and while Waxpoetics is the Bible, you never really strive to arrive on the cover of the Bible... you just kind of hope to pop up in a passage in Revelations at some point. More on that later though. And even later, more on how that doesn't make a lick of sense.

Well, we didn't make the cover. But we can't sweat that, since most months there isn't actually a cover anymore. But we did make our way into URB, and found out that they like us. They really like us:

There are some hip hop groups that I don’t understand how they ever “make it”. Yet there are others I never understood how they don’t “make it”. The Providence, Rhode Island hip hop collective, Poorly Drawn People, fall into that later statement. Made up of several talented emcee’s, producers and DJs, they have been bubbling beneath the surface for a couple years now, waiting for their chance to make their mark on the music scene. It’s starting to look like 2010 might give them their best shot yet.

And, they'd really like you to download the new Reason mixtape, the new Reason single, and pre-order the new Reason album. URB & PDP seem to have quite a few shared interests.

To do all of the above, and check out the full article, peep out URB.com here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pre-Order REASON's Landlords & Lullabies!

Pre-order your copy of Reason's "Landlords And Lullabies" now and receive a FREE hard copy of "Stalker Stories" (15 Unreleased tracks from Reason), a FREE copy of Falside's "Dollars Make Change" and enough stickers to cover that hole you punched in your wall after your significant other walked out.

$10 with FREE shipping.

Click Here To PreOrder 'Landlords And Lullabies'

Track Listing:

01. Apocalyptic Sunrise (Produced by Falside)
02. Release (Produced by Esh The Monolith)
03. Designer Kids ft. Storm Davis (Produced by Falside)
04. Paid Bills (Produced by Falside)
05. Girls With Cameras (Produced by Justin Catoni)
06. MyCity YourCity (Produced by DRUMAT!C)
07. Decaf Blues (Produced by PhillipDrummond)
08. The Touch (Produced by Dox)
09. Let Her Sing (Produced by Falside)
10. Distracted ft. Esh The Monolith (Produced by Falside)
11. I Don't Want To Build (Produced by Falside)
12. Clingers ft. Dirty Hank (Produced by PhillipDrummond)
13. Take Mine (Produced by Falside)
14. Carnival (Produced by PhillipDrummond)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reason: Paid Bills - FREE DOWNLOAD!

April 6 is fast approaching. You can feel your speakers yearning, you can hear the hunger rumbling in the depths of your iPod.

Here's a Poorly Drawn Snizzack for your components:

"Paid Bills" is the first single off Reason of Poorly Drawn People's new LP Landlords and Lullabies, which drops April 6 on Poorly Drawn Recordings. Its produced by Falside, and is the sort of weatherproof jawn that will take you all the way from the first crack of spring till the last leaf is off the tree.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD, spread it all over your friends and lovers, and, as always, remember: we love you and your supporting ass.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dox: Tap The Bottle.

Another monthly installment of Tap The Bottle unfolds this Saturday in Providence. Here's Dox with the word on the event:

Local 121 plays host for the dox and djSave (Mike Curtis) hosted party Tap the Bottle tomorrow. Also, we celebrate the bornday of Michael Cuddy. You can't possibly have more fun somewhere else this Saturday, can you?

The usual local luminaries will be in attendance, weeping and grinding and sloshing their way about the premises. As usual, it will fill up quick, so make your way over early so Ref doesn't have to bar you from the overcrowded festivities.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Entity: Final Notice.

Continuing a series of PDP updates to get you up to speed on what the crew has been working on real quiet-like, we give you the latest from Washington DC producer Entity:


In 2006, Entity released Past Due, a compilation of tracks produced by the man himself, and featuring appearances by all of the usual PDP suspects, as well as Providence-area luminaries such as Need Not Worry (Formulatin' Fathers), DJ Mekalek, Crisis, Romen Rok, and Ricky Dutra, as well as elsewhere presences like Time Machine, Emilio Lopez, and theGenetics.

The original press was limited to 100 CDs and a digital release, during a time when people were still purchasing CDs and hadn't quite gotten completely onboard with the digital revolution. So, needless to say, while it was a great compilation of upbeat, headnod-worthy tracks, Past Due withered on the vine.

PDP was proud to announce that on June 1, 2010, Past Due will be re-released as a remastered CD with updated artwork, as well as a digital download.

Proud, that is, until, in a move that has confounded the marketing department here at Poorly Drawn Recordings, Entity made the album available for a "pick-what-you-pay" download on his Bandcamp site here and asked that we announce it. He just loves you people that much. So, while we're still proud of the album, the upcoming re-release is a bit anticlimactic at this point. Go get it for free now. CDs if you want them in June.


Also on June 1, Entity will unleash Second Wind, his long-awaited follow-up to Past Due, that includes songs recorded before, during, and after the Past Due sessions.

The official tracklisting is still being compiled, but listen to Past Due and you'll get the general idea. If you dig that album, you will get a serious case of sonic deja vu when Second Wind hits your speakers. And that worked out pretty well for Denzel Washington.


June is a long ways off though, and Entity ain't gonna make you wait that long with just one free project in your iPod.

On March 9, DJ Tone Capone released Entity's Final Notice: The UNmixedTAPE, a collection of outtakes, unreleased tracks, previously released material, and remixes from sessions and projects spanning 2002-2008.

Here's the tracklist for the tape, which you can download FREE here:
Crisis - Causing Panic (cuts Joeywonk)
Emilio Lopez - For All Time (entity edition)
Storm Davis ft Jon Hope - I Need You (snippet)
Storm Davis ft Frankie Riptide & Dox - Crazy MF Remix
DJ Dirty Dek - DEKalude
Storm Davis - Truth Crush
Meta P - I Could Go There
Crisis & 8th Wundah - Whisper
Soulhouette - Just Go
Soulhouette - Walk & Talk
Soulhouette - Cuz I Love You
Optic - The Idea
Optic - LAM
Optic - Everyday
Crisis - Studio Session Verse
Mister RP - Aint No Sunshine
Reason - Rock Rock On
Lootchiano ft Chino XL - Today
Visionaries - L.O.V.E Remix
The Generalz (Crisis & Swann Notty) - Twists

Earlier this week, while hungover from his attendance at a Jay-Z concert the night before, Entity sent an email update to Poorly Drawn Recordings, summarizing his new endeavors, in the signature manner we've come to love here at the Mansion:

Funny with the twitter update jokes...first and foremost. Appearently I speak another fuckin language. I'm releasing Final Notice my PRE-Album mixtape next Tuesday. I'm sure I can bump it up HOWEVER THAT is all I asked for as! I put Past Due on my bandcamp page, set a release date for second wind, AND have this tape coming out! Sounds like an announcement to me! If your busy FINE but dont bust my fuckin balls and downplay my releases. Now maybe none of you give a fuckin shit but I do. Its a release of mine and I would appreciate hte same announcement consideration as every other fuckin person with PDP REC. That being said my new website and other social means will be updated later...but for FUCK SAKE I would appreciate the fact that June 1st my album date is announced and my mixtape thats coming out or was supposed to come out next week was announced. Not to mention when I told you storm that I was releasing the mixtape next tuesday you failed to mention ANYTHING about reason releasing a tape that same day. I would appreciate a little INTERNAL communication and less fuckin jokes and take my stuff as seriously as any of your stuff.


No Entity, thank you.

Download Entity's "Final Notice" TODAY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: Reason's "Stalker Stories" is here!

Poorly Drawn Recordings proudly presents the new mixtape from Reason! Featuring 15 unreleased tracks with production by Falside, Dox of Poorly Drawn People and PhillipDrummond. With guest appearances by Storm Davis, Dirty Hank, Cas Uno, Esh The Monolith and Intrikit.

Click here for your free download of Stalker Stories!

01 Issue Scar Tissue
02 Dysfunction
03 A Stalker Story
04 Get Downsized
05 Worriers feat. Dirty Hank
06 Its Not You Its Me
07 No Meat No Fish (cuts by DJ Emoh Betta)
08 My Tape On Drugs (Falside Remix)
09 Marla Singer feat. Dirty Hank
10 Distance
11 Dead T-Shirts (Falside Remix)
12 All Together feat. Storm Davis, Intrikit, Dirty Hank, Cas Uno, Esh The Monolith, DJ Save
13 Here Today
14 Shut Up & Rap
15 Last Letter

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hair Product.

Falside has flexed his video muscle and put together a series of teaser clips for Reason's Landlords & Lullabies album, dropping April 6. Peep the first 2 below.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reason: Landlords, Lullabies, Stalkers, Stories, & So Much More.

Last week we introduced you to our new crew and detailed their upcoming exploits. This week, let's catch up with the old guard and see what the hell has been taking so long.

First up: Reason.


Since Reason's debut solo album, Gemini Slang, dropped in 2006, he has steadily made a name for himself by slicing beats to bits on PDP's three most recent crew releases (Motion Not Emotion; Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling; and Nothing Stays Gold) as well as appearances on multiple projects by Falside, Storm Davis, Educated Consumers, and a number of international producers.

And now we're ready to announce a project that has been over 2 years in the making, the official follow-up to Gemini Slang, Reason's sophomore solo release... Landlords & Lullabies!

Landlords & Lullabies
will be available for purchase on April 6, 2010 on CD through PoorlyDrawnPeople.com, CDBaby, and in finer independent retailers around the US, or digitally via iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and all of those fine e-spots.

We'll drop more details soon, including tracklisting, producers, guest appearances and exclusive pre-order package details. But let it be known: it exists! And it will be in your hands soon.



Can't wait that long for new Reason music? No problem.

On March 9, Reason will release a FREE mixtape called Stalker Stories, made up of outtakes and bonus cuts from the Landlords & Lullabies sessions, featuring production by Dox and Falside, plus appearances by Storm Davis, Esh The Monolith, Cas Uno, and Intrikit of Labeless Illtelligence, and Dirty Hank.

Limited edition hard copies will be available for sale if you'd like to support the cause, but the music itself is a gift from Reason to you, and a little tease of what's to come on Landlords & Lullabies.


Its a work in progress, but Reason has finally decided to join the rest of us in cyberspace and set up shop in a space where his own thoughts can reign supreme: ListenToReason.net is now live! Get your bookmark on.

Reason's partner-in-swine Dirty Hank recently released a free EP called Dirty Hank's Guide to Giving Up that features two guest shots from Medium Reas, as well as production from Mad Plaid & PDP's Falside.

And, if you're in need of a weekly dose of Reason's Radio Personality, be sure to tune into 90.3 FM WRIU (or stream online at wriu.org) every Tuesday afternoon from 3-6pm for HAMRADIO, featuring, yes, Reason, with Dirty Hank and a revolving band of ne'er-do-wells (including Nystone, DJ Save, and Falside) who loiter about the studio and distract the hosts as they play the finest in indie, underground, and old school hip hop.


Landlords & Lullabies. April 6. Get ready.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Educated Consumers: Hello, Big Mamas.

Most of those who find themselves swept up in PoorlyDrawnMania (much like BeatleMania, without the bowl cuts, Neru jackets, and Shea Stadium) (and fans) were already somewhat familiar with our latest acquisition, number two starter Falside. Not as many are privy to the accomplishments of our two new corner outfielders, Seez Mics & T.E.C.K, also known as Educated Consumers.

Here's some background for you, straight from our Maryland mercenaries own press kit:
Educated Consumers is a HipHop duo composed of producer T.E.C.k! and MC SeezMics. The Educated Consumers critically acclaimed sound is born from their blend of HipHop’s Golden Eras: the early 90’s style of production and new millennium form of Mceeing. While T.E.C.k! uses the art of crate-digging to provide production, SeezMics meshes crisp technique with introspective content to speak on universal truths about human existence. The unique production and lyricism compliment each other to create a collage of HipHop’s best attributes.

Educated Consumers have achieved HipHop’s prized double-double: commercial success and underground respect. The group’s first label release “Aisle 2” reached #24 on the CMJ charts. The next two singles, “In The Pocket” and “Steal” steadily climbed the college radio charts. “In the Pocket” peaked at #2 on rapnetwork.com and Insomniac Magazine, while “Steal” peaked at #2 on rapnetwork.com and #1 on rapattack.com.

SeezMics is one of the world’s most respected battle emcees with appearances in Scribble Jam, Brainstorm, and titles in every major battle in the DC/Baltimore/Virginia circuit. T.E.C.k!’s record collection and groove series “Mystery of Ages” have garnered him fame in the notoriously picky crate-digging culture, and he has provided beats for nationally recognized acts such as MarsIll, ResiNation, and TK.

Educated Consumers headlined the "No Merch For Oil" tour in July/August of '08. Educated Consumers also toured with Eyedea & Abilities in Spring '08 on the "Appetite for Distraction" tour, with Dezmatic on the "Bigfoot's Dick" tour in May/June '09, and June ’06 as part of the “Fish Can’t Carry Guns Tour.” In addition, they have rocked shows all over the U.S. at venues like 9:30 Club, The Ottobar, and Vans’ Warped Tour with the following groups: Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Murs, The Beatnuts, One.Be.Lo, Zion I, Eyedea & Abilities, Pigeon John, Lyrics Born, Living Legends, MacLethal, P.O.S., Inspectah Deck, UGod, GZA, MarsIll, Jedi Mind Tricks, J-Live, Chali 2na, Qwel, Reef The Lost Cauze, and Themselves.

SeezMics: raps, sports commentary, bad jokes, and REALLY bad jokes

t..E..C..K! aka J.Bomb.Beat: beats, spiritual guidance, and social critiques

Educated Consumers- s/t LP (2000)
Aisle 2- LP (2002, Modular Moods)
In The Pocket- 12 inch vinyl single (2004, VerIzUm Records)
Steal- 12 inch vinyl single (2006, VerIzUm Records)
It's About Effin Time- EP (2006, Man Bites Dog Records)
Write/Hear- LP (2007, VerIzUm Records)
The Waiting Room- EP (2008, VerIzUm Records)
Hello Big Mama- LP (2009, VerIzUm Records)
As you can see, the duo's latest release came in 2009 with Hello Big Mama, an album that featured EC's first collaboration with PDP, the song "My Us." EC invited Reason and Storm Davis to add verses to the track, and the rest, as they say, won't get fooled again.

Hello Big Mama was released digitally by VerIzUm Records, but PDP is proud to announce that in 2010, the first official physical release of the album will come courtesy of Poorly Drawn Recordings, in the form of a remastered state-of-the-art (circa 1984) compact disc with full touchable artwork.

When, you ask? When can you get your grubby lil paws on this gem?

Well, we don't know when, exactly. But we can tell you this: the re-release of Hello Big Mama will coincide with the release of the first full-length PDP/EC collaboration, Poorly Drawn Consumers (snappy, eh?), making for the first dual-release date in the history of PDP.

Poorly Drawn Consumers will be exactly what it sounds like: rhymes from Reason, Storm Davis, Seez Mics, and Dox, with production from T.E.C.K., Falside, Dox, and, should he grace us with his presence, Entity. Special guests? Sure. Posse cuts? But of course. Cuts from Sterbyrock? Fingers crossed. More info? Later.

Yes, we'll leave the details of that for another day, but that's what's happening. Over a half dozen tracks have already begun to take shape, and we plan to have both projects in your hands sooner than later.

In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with Educated Consumers by downloading their FREE EP The Waiting Room (from 2008) here.

Also, check out the ridiculous video for "Water" below.

Welcome aboard, fellas. We're glad you could join us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Falside: Dollars Make Change.

Yesterday, we announced the addition of the newest Poorly Drawn People, Educated Consumers and Falside.

We promised a week of announcements on all things PDP, but Falside brought something extra special for you. Rather than a list of what's about to happen, Falside brings you his latest project (and first official release on Poorly Drawn Recordings), the Dollars Make Change Mixtape, for FREE DOWNLOAD:

Falside of Poorly Drawn People presents Dollars Make Change The Mixtape

Falside's latest free mixtape, Dollars Make Change is now available. The Providence beatsmith has compiled an extensive display of his different varieties of production for the mixtape, including his recent collaborations with such wordsmiths as Reef the Lost Cauze, C-Rayz Walz, El Da Sensei, Pacewon, Reks, Poorly Drawn People, Vast Aire, Slaine (La Coka Nostra / Special Teamz), Intuition, C-Chan (Slow Suicide Stimulus) and more.This is 19 tracks worth of dope that can be appreciated by leaders of the new school and boom bap veterans alike. (This mixtape is presented by Poorly Drawn Recordings (Providence RI) and Leedz Edutainment (Boston MA). Enjoy.

Download Link : http://www.divshare.com/download/10559791-3d1

Dollars Make Change
1. Dollars Make Change Introduction
2. Catching the Strange ft. C-Rayz Walz
3. King of the Jungle Remix ft. Blaq Poet, Jaysaun (Special Teamz), Termanology
4. Too Many Mc's ft. El Da Sensei, Pacewon, Exposition
5. No Gentleman ft. Alex Minor
6. Al Bundy Remix ft. Intuition
7. Tape on Drugs Remix ft. Reason (Poorly Drawn People)
8. Hit That Shit Remix ft. thekeenone (Audio Hustlaz), B-Real (Cypress Hill), Reg Riddem, Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra)
9. Shallow and Hollow ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, Blak Madeen
10. Juice Barz Freestyle ft. Amadeus the Stampede
11. Hall of Game ft. C-Rayz Walz
12. Umbrella's and Mac 10's ft Dirty Hank
13. The Crush (Original) ft. Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox)
14. Designer Kids ft. Reason, Storm Davis (Poorly Drawn People)
15. Headlines ft. Reks
16. Say Your Prayers ft. Good Brother, Amadeus the Stampede
17. Educated Suicide ft. Rite Hook, C-Chan (Slow Suicide Stimulus)
18. What Rap Don't Say ft. Stu Cat
19. Too Much ft. Slaine (La Coka Nostra/Special Teamz), Amadeus the Stampede

Feel free to post, download, and share.
(artwork attached below)

For More information please visit http://www.falside.com