Friday, July 16, 2010

Falside: Jesus Shaves.

A few weeks back, PDP's phenom producer Falside dropped his latest beat tape on the grateful Innaweb masses, brightening up the soundscape of your hip hop summer. It occurred to us today that while we trumpeted this all over the rest of the 'Net (no Sandra Bullock), we didn't give the info directly to you, our faithful blog followers. So here's the story:


1. My Fucking Records
2. Dusty Stickers
3. Chocolate Box
4. Captain Junkie
5. Mechanics
6. Summer Style Fantastic
7. Messin With The Kid
ft. Isaiah The Tooth Taker, Thekeenone, Reason, Falside*
8. Jesus Shaves

Quite a story, isn't it. Falside isn't much on the words when it comes to the beat tapes. But he sure does bring it with the visuals:

So that's the deal. Free Falside beats for your summer high rides. Go download and freestyle your faces off. Your welcome. And thank you.

For more Falside, make sure to religiously surrender to

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