Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture Of An Octopus.

Alright, all. It's Monday. Time to start thinking about the weekend. Reflecting on the one just passed, and planning for the one just a few days ahead. Let's get moving:

Thanks to all of you who joined the Poorly Drawn family at Local 121 on Saturday for Dox & DJ Save1's monthly old school extravaganza. Naughty By Nature marathons, obscene dance moves, and cake for Reason's birfday, plus the usual gang of glassware housing the devil's potions, once again added up to a rousing success. It's a lock for a good time, so mark the date for next month (July 12). Don't worry, though: we'll remind you. But you probably guessed that already.

"But what about this weekend, Storm Davis? What should we do?? We haven't seen PDP perform live in weeeeeeeeeeeeks!!" you say. Or, in the case of quite of few of you, in A LONG F.CKIN TIME. So let's do Friday night together. Come on, don't be nervous. We'll be gentlemen. Probably.

INDEF*ART presents The-Day-Befo'-Its-Officially-Summer-Jumpoff***

with performances by
(Reason / Storm Davis / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock |
(Cas Uno / Esh the Monolith / DJ Al-Bums |
(Portland, ME |
(New Hampshire)

115 Empire St
Providence RI
Doors 8pm / ALL AGES
OPEN MIC from 8-9pm
Six Dollars

Hope to see you all there. Rumor has it that PDP will be going on in the late part of the evening, after 11 sometime.

Any questions, hit up stormdavis [at] and let your concerns pour out everywhere. I'll mop them up & mail the towel to AskJeeves.

alright alright alright,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Cocaine, Dummies.

PDP's Dox & DJ Save1 of Spit Personalitys keep hipster-hop alive in the guise of the mid-nineties and beyond, spinning those old school, underground, and local tracks that make you feel like you're in on the joke nobody else gets.

The ever-appealing 121 staff slangs beastly beverages while your favorite local slangsters politic and pound under the gaze of stained glass, praying that it doesn't matter to whatshername that their pants are way bigger than that unwashed gent in the corner. Oh crap, he threw up. That shit is gross.

Saturday June 14
Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ / 10pm

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The PDP Brooklyn Invasion.

Hello, Brooklyn. And surrounding boroughs.

We never get to chill anymore. So let's fix that this weekend.

On Friday night, June 6, Strange Famous Records fams Prolyphic brings along your man SD to rock the artspace/loft venue Asterisk in Brooklyn. And of course, where SD goes, so go the Poorly Drawn People brethren, who in turn posse up selected staff & entourage (and pizzas), and before you know it, NYC is short mad parking spaces.

Admission to the show is $5, it starts around 10. I've heard different things about what goes down at the space, all sound dope, but you'll have to come check it for yourself.

Any further questions, or for road trip details, hit me up at

Monday, June 2, 2008

PDP’s Shoot For The Stars gets 4/5 Rating from!

Poorly Drawn People
Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling

4 out of 5 $$$$$

As Labeless Illtelligence emcee Cas Uno points out on his drop for this mixtape, the most recent of many from Poorly Drawn People, "y'all are some seriously depressing motherfuckers." Going on my one and only impression of the group, Storm Davis's Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic, and the title of this mixtape, I would likely agree, but what they offer up with Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling shows a completely different side of this five man crew.

The production from Dox and Entity is mostly upbeat boom bap that results in great beats like the countrified "Hooked on Symphonics," the fun posse cut "Fatbackburners" and the bass-drenched "Poison Propaganda." PDP emcees Reason and Storm Davis (and sometimes Dox) put these instrumentals to good use in a variety of permutations, including group tracks, duos, solos and a bunch of different posse cuts.

There are many impressive verses throughout. Sure, it's a lot of braggadocio along with a pair of sex raps (one from each emcee), but there's also a small selection of message-based tracks covering dirty cops ("Cops & Crooks"), revolution ("Let the People Know") and counteracting mindless rap ("The Vaccine"). The crew's fifth member, Sterbyrock, stops by to drop a shout-out along with some turntable manipulations. This is the Poorly Drawn People that I'd like to hear more from.

Download it for free at

[Thomas Quinlan]