Monday, June 2, 2008

PDP’s Shoot For The Stars gets 4/5 Rating from!

Poorly Drawn People
Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling

4 out of 5 $$$$$

As Labeless Illtelligence emcee Cas Uno points out on his drop for this mixtape, the most recent of many from Poorly Drawn People, "y'all are some seriously depressing motherfuckers." Going on my one and only impression of the group, Storm Davis's Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic, and the title of this mixtape, I would likely agree, but what they offer up with Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling shows a completely different side of this five man crew.

The production from Dox and Entity is mostly upbeat boom bap that results in great beats like the countrified "Hooked on Symphonics," the fun posse cut "Fatbackburners" and the bass-drenched "Poison Propaganda." PDP emcees Reason and Storm Davis (and sometimes Dox) put these instrumentals to good use in a variety of permutations, including group tracks, duos, solos and a bunch of different posse cuts.

There are many impressive verses throughout. Sure, it's a lot of braggadocio along with a pair of sex raps (one from each emcee), but there's also a small selection of message-based tracks covering dirty cops ("Cops & Crooks"), revolution ("Let the People Know") and counteracting mindless rap ("The Vaccine"). The crew's fifth member, Sterbyrock, stops by to drop a shout-out along with some turntable manipulations. This is the Poorly Drawn People that I'd like to hear more from.

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