Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PDP Update: On The Rob Lowe.

You've probably been wondering just where in heckfire PDP has been. Well, PDP has been busy. Busy as bees. Bees who drink their tiny faces off and are pathologically depressed despite being able to fly, throw ass darts (pause), and make honey out of shit that would cripple other motherfuckers. Bees who spend an inordinate amount of time wondering how much money Rob Lowe has spent on abortions in his lifetime.

Because we assume it is a substantial amount of money. Dude was unfathomably handsome and outrageously famous at like thirteen years old, right? So he must have been laying pipe long before Class or Youngblood or when he became the ultimate 80s badass in St. Elmo's Fire. Shit, there's even tapes of him tagging fifteen-year-olds or something. Not that we approve of that, per se, we're just citing the evidence. Even with that 'Buy 9 Get 1 Free' card that Planned Parenthood hands out, we're betting that there has been a serious investment made in the termination of pregnancies.

Why have we been thinking about this, you axe? Well, we think that if Rob, who has made much much more money than that over the course of his career(s), would just match that amount and hand it over to the staff of Poorly Drawn Parenthood, we could invest that sum and furnish you all with a hearty slate of new releases and parephenalia.

Thus far, the messages we have left with his assistant have not been responded to.

So we move on. We hustlaz, after all. We hustlez.

Anyway, we've been doing other stuff too. We usually are loathe to announce anything until it is finished, pressed, packaged, and ready to be put into your hands, but its been 2 months since we drew back the curtain and let you peek in, so what the hell. Here it is, the new issue of Poorly Drawn Quarterly:



Two new Providence shows that are bigger than your average.

First, we're opening for El-P (ex-Company Flow, producer of Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox, and a million others, and head honcho of Definitive Jux Records). Also on the bill is our cohort from Strange Famous Records, B. Dolan, and Yak Ballz, who had a really awesome leather jacket on at the Cage show in Providence a couple of months ago.

Friday October 9 2008

El-P (Def Jux)
Yak Ballz (Def Jux)
B. Dolan (SFR)
Poorly Drawn People (Parentheses)

Jerky's Music Hall
71 Richmond Street
Providence RI

you can buy tickets for the Providence gig here.


Also, the fine folks at the Great International Beer Festival have invited us to be the evening entertainment at this November's festival. That's right, the Kegstand Poet, the guy who wrote "Happy Drunk", the deejay whose prowess with a freezer rivals his skills on the tables, and Dox, who spends more time in bars than reciting bars, will be unleashed upon a sea of unlimited beer. And you can watch.

Saturday November 14 2009

Evening session is from 6:30 - 10:00 PM

PDP will be performing 2 one-hour sets backed by their full live band led by drummer Austin Andrews.

Tickets are $36.00. According to the festival's website, "your admission ticket will allow you UNLIMITED SAMPLING of more than 250 brews. Live MUSIC, FOOD and MUCH MORE!" Thats 2 hours of PDP plus 250 beers.

We understand if you don't come, though: it's Saturday night, and you could get 3 drinks at Tazza while experiencing Barry's Barry's Barry's Video Dance Party for the same price.

You can purchase tickets in advance here.

Here's the description of the event straight from the organizers:

We are again inviting you to participate in our forthcoming 16th Great International Beer Festival held again at the Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown Providence.

Our recent Spring Beer Festival, with over 4,200 attendees, was an overall success. Several new breweries were on hand and our music entertainment was 1st rate.

The November 14th Festival welcomes back the Great International Beer Competition, our 13th, under the direction of Judge Gregg Glaser. Last November there were over 200 beer competition entries, with well publicized results. Gregg also conducted our “Tutored Tasting” at the Show. To prevent overcrowding and long wait lines we increased our square footage to 70,000 from 40,000 a few years earlier, thereby easier to handle the estimated 7,000 attendees.

You can check out more info at their website here.



Had it with having to trek to shows to get your PDP fix? Need some new music from the fellas for the iPod? We've been working on that too:

One of our favorite underground hip hop groups on the scene right now is Educated Consumers (Seez Mics & T.E.C.K.) out of Maryland. Reason & Storm Davis just finished recording verses (more than one apiece! Ooooh) for the track "My Us" off the Educated Consumers' new album Hey Big Mama. Keep an eye on www.educatedconsumers.com for that release, and cop it when you can. You will not regret it.

PDP-affiliate and rising-like-the-sun producer Falside is finishing up a remix album called Five Finger Discount, and has included his takes on an unreleased Reason track called "Dead T-Shirts", as well as a fresh perspective on "Keep It Ova There", the Reason & Storm Davis track originally produced by Entity and available on PDP's 2007 mixtape Nothing Stays Gold. The compilation will also include Falside remixes from artists including Wale, Kev Brown, DITC, The High and Mighty, Sean Price, Dirty Hank, the Beatnuts, and more. Sponsored by Undergroundhiphop.com, Swank Attire, and Potholesinmyblog.com, a release date for this project will be announced soon.

Storm Davis and Reason will both be making vocal appearances on Providence rabble-rouser Dirty Hank's new EP, entitled Dirty Hank's Guide To Giving Up, which also features production by Dox and Falside. Release date TBA.


Reason is yay close to finishing work on his new solo album, Landlords & Lullabies, featuring production from Falside, Esh the Monolith (Labeless Illtelligence), Drumat!c (Formulatin' Fathers), longtime PDP merch-table-mercenary Justin Catoni, and Phillip Drummond, plus raps by Storm Davis and Dirty Hank. L&L will most likely be PDP's next release, and should hit your 8-track players before the end of the calendar year.

Sometime after the release of Landlords & Lullabies and the completion of Dirty Hank's Guide to Giving Up, the intoxicated neighbors will join forces to give you The Monty Brogan EP, a bunch of raps to make your girlfriend very, very angry, presented over a full slate of Falside production.


Storm is not quite as close to finishing Robot Rock & Necktie Blues, his sophomore album featuring wall-to-wall production from Dox. The Chinese Democracy-reminiscent juggernaut has become the victim of an Axl-esque bout of vapor lock and as a result is frozen in developmental hell. Which one would think would be warm. But whatever. Work on the record began in February 2005 and now contains absolutely none of the songs written in the first 2 years of the process, but is evidentally so hot that it melts SD's thoughtsicles whenever he considers the possibility of its existence. Yet not hot enough to melt the frozen hell of developemental... you know what? This dude is obviously full of crap. We give up. Allegedly, the album will arrive in stores.

In the meantime, SD has launched work on a full-length project with producer Entity, who is best remembered for doing everything he possibly could to stop Kegstand Poetry from being completed. The album is nearly halfway finished, which means someone involved in the project is due for a meltdown at any moment, and it has already run through an impressive selection of working titles, including Infallible Chocolate Jesus; A Fine Looking Spaniard; Triangle of Sexual Junkfood; and No Rest For The Wicked Awesome. A hearty amount of guest appearances pepper the record, including verses from Reason, Cas Uno & Esh of Labeless Illtelligence, Chachi, Emilio Lopez (Demigodz), Vorheez of the Problemaddicts, Dirty Hank, theGenetics, and more. Yes, more. Its a party ova hurr.


Dox has assembled a full slate of nightlife for you to enjoy, should you be in the Providence area. Here's the word straight from Ronnie James D.O.X. himself:

"Hey folks,

Few quick programming notes:
Poorly Drawn People producer/DJ/beatmaker Dox will be Local 121’s Tuesday night sound selector starting tonight, Sept. 29, through Oct. 20. Expect classic hip hop, funk, soul and some indie dance tossed in for good measure.

If that’s not enough to get you through the doors, drinks will be served by Miss Lara, reigning winner of the Providence Phoenix award for Best Bartender.

The Local 121 Tap Room has no dress code and no cover. Twenty-one plus with proper ID. Tip well.

The Tap Room at Local 121
121 Washington St.
Downtown Providence

--BFF-of-PDP djSaveone will be holding down fort this Thursday. Save will be playing classic hip hop, breaks and funk 45s.
--Dox returns to 121 this Friday to fill in for Full Frequency, who is currently rehabbing from his accident last month. (Make sure to check out the Full Frequency benefit show at Jerky’s this Saturday, Oct. 3. Featured bands include: The Butcherings, Lolita Black, St Jude, Prayers For Atheists, Girl Haggard and What Cheer!. $7 donation at the door will help cover Dan’s living and medical expenses. 71 Richmond St., Providence. 3:30 p.m.)
--And on Sat., Oct. 10, Dox and Save team for Tap The Bottle, Providence's favorite monthly old school hip hop night. Tap The Bottle takes places the second Saturday of each month. This month, we use Tap The Bottle to celebrate the born day of PDP's resident WWII historian, Amedeo Sallese (better known to some of you as Lil' Justin).

That’s all for now, I believe.
Hope to see you soon, somewhere."


Sterby has been the man about town as of late, taking advantage of the PDP downtime by deejaying all over Providence and beyond, including popping up at Beat Box Studios to record a live mixtape with Chachi, Vertygo, and DJ Therion at the helm during the ProTown Records 12" Release Party in Pawtucket.

He can next be seen at Elevation, 401HipHop.com's new open mic night, this Friday, October 2. The event features a live set from Providence legend Swann Notty, as well as an emcee battle and producer showcase. Details can be found here.

After that, you're going to need to catch up with him on his Facebook, and remember to keep tuning in to his Warped Wax Wednesdays show on 90.3 WRIU.

Sterby has also been on his mixtape grind, recently pressing up uber-limited edition runs of Meltin' Platters of Wax 7 and 61 Minutes of Classics Vol 1. Only 50 copies exist, and he refuses to let us distribute them digitally, so you'd better get at him before they're gone.


...has joined a hockey league!



And remember, RI residents: Motion Not Emotion is still available on CD at Queen of Hearts (Providence), Milk & Cookies Gallery (Pawtucket), Armageddon Shop (Providence), Newbury Comics (Providence / Warwick / Attleboro), Kangaroo's (North Providence), and if you're lucky enough to catch a copy that someone hated, in the used section of Time Capsule (Cranston).

The rest of the world can always grab it digitally at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and all the major e-tailers, or physically at CDBaby. Or email us, we'll make it happen.


Anyone left awake after that? God bless you. We'll talk atchoo soon. And thanks for sticking around.

Love always,