Friday, September 12, 2008

Like the Hicks in Alabama.

Dox of PDP & DJ SaveOne continue their series of old school hip hop evenings. Voted "Local 121's Best Smelling Crowd" by everyone who matters. Make it happen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dueling Digital Dames.

The third in a four-part series of evenings in which PDP's most attractive affiliates beautify the soundscape of the Providence's premiere lounge for libation. Dance, drink, dare to demand Def Jam ditties the damsels don't drop and then don't stop complaining for weeks.

Or, ditch the excessive alliteration and enjoy the Beck jams and Brooklyn lager until you hopefully lose your sense of smell.

Wednesday September 10
The 121 Puma Girls (Lara & Carla)
10pm-1am / 21+ / FREE!
Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI

Friday, September 5, 2008

The ADDventures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero!

A word from PDP's resident word-haver, Storm Davis:

The plan was to wait to assault your grill with this entry until an official album release party was in the works, but SD has grown impatient with too little of his world being blessed by the sounds that slam through his speaker cones on an every-other-day basis. So get ready for a blessing, readers.

Those of you who have experienced the PDP mixtape releases Nothing Stays Gold and Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling, or have been to any one of about 80% of our shows in the past 2.5 years, have had the opportunity to witness Labeless Illtelligence, our beat-battering brethren who split time between PDP's hometown of Providence and Labeless leader Cas Uno's homebase of New Bedford.

Well, here's the thing: Labeless Illtelligence includes a gent named Esh The Monolith (see "Out Of Order Border Patrol", "Cops & Crooks", and the new "Swinger Status"). Esh The Monolith has released his debut album. And it is excellent.

SD is partial to Esh because he attended his first game at Yankee Stadium with the man, and it was the last time he saw Jason Kendall in an A's uniform. And because they've sat on the seashore and eaten seafood together. Seahorse seahell. Pause.

SD is partial to "The World's Smallest Violin", the closing song on Esh's album, because it reminds him of the end of an Eighties movie. SD is partially retarded.

None of these things change the fact that The ADDventures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero is a great album, and you should make it the next CD you purchase.

And if you're in Providence, you can do that tonight, and catch a Labeless performance while you're at it:

Friday September 5th 2008
Labeless Illtelligence
Romen Rok
Swann Notty
Ax Butane
Slim Pickens

Jerky's Pub
72 Richmond Street
Providence RI 02903
Doors @ 9PM

This is the last show on the latest Labeless mini-tour, and Cas Uno has been maintaining a customarily hilarious blog detailing their jaunt here. Complete with photographs and impenetrable slang galore.

In closing:

Esh is awesome.
Labeless is awesome.
Buy Esh's album.
Go to the Labeless show tonight.

I'm Storm Davis, and I approve this music.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Congrats & big ups to PDP's resident steelwheelworker, DJ STERBYROCK, who today celebrates FIVE YEARS of his Warped Wax Wednesdays/Afterschool Special radio show on 90.3 WRIU FM.

For those not in the know, Sterby and a roving cast of guest hosts (including Swerve One and Poorly Drawn's own Reason AKA Reason's Radio Personality) keep True School hip hop alive on a weekly basis with Rhode Island's highest rated and longest running underground hip hop show.

Sterby first hit the RIU airwaves alongside DJ Joeywonk (who has appeared on PDP releases like Gemini Slang, Kegstand Poetry, and Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling) in 2003 and soon took over for original Afterschool Special host Jaypee in the Wednesday slot. Past guests have included Akrobatik, K-Solo, Canibus, King Tech, and more local emcees and deejays than you can shake a Sterbystick(tm) at.

You can tune into the show from tha innanetz at every Wednesday from 3-6pm EST.

Downloads of past mixshows are available in the links section of this page right here, so get to clicking.