Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reason: I Don't Want to Build - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Poorly Drawn People frontman Reason and producer Falside set their sights on the shaky foundations that serve as the basis for most post-MySpace-age rap collaborations on "I Don't Want to Build", the second single from Reason's sophomore LP, Landlords & Lullabies (out April 6 on Poorly Drawn Recordings).

Reas serves notice to inflated-ego 'netcees with his precisely executed rants: "These suckers get exposed, oh what? you been genre-hopping? well you ain't Tarantino - every month your album's droppin... if it wasn't for the Internet, your ass wouldn't exist." In the background, sidekick Dirty Hank scatters his manic vocal accents over Falside's bouncing hypnotics, which act as a perfect complement to the message of the track.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD of "I Don't Want To Build":

Reason's Landlords & Lullabies is available April 6, 2010. Click here for a special pre-order package including the CD and a grip of free bonus items.

For more info on Reason, Falside, and Poorly Drawn People, visit or on Facebook here.

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