Thursday, March 25, 2010

URB Magazine Loves Us Back.

For years, your pals here at the PDP Mansion have scoured each and every issue of URB Magazine, searching for like-minded audiophile miscreants and photos of slender neon-cloaked ladies rocking huge headphones among the pages of the latest and greatest 'bout to bubble over beatmakers and vocalists.

Dr Hook may have echoed the sentiments of our parents' generation's garage bands when he sang about the cover of a Rolling Stone, but URB was where we wanted to be. The Source died with the '90s, XXL never quite got it, and while Waxpoetics is the Bible, you never really strive to arrive on the cover of the Bible... you just kind of hope to pop up in a passage in Revelations at some point. More on that later though. And even later, more on how that doesn't make a lick of sense.

Well, we didn't make the cover. But we can't sweat that, since most months there isn't actually a cover anymore. But we did make our way into URB, and found out that they like us. They really like us:

There are some hip hop groups that I don’t understand how they ever “make it”. Yet there are others I never understood how they don’t “make it”. The Providence, Rhode Island hip hop collective, Poorly Drawn People, fall into that later statement. Made up of several talented emcee’s, producers and DJs, they have been bubbling beneath the surface for a couple years now, waiting for their chance to make their mark on the music scene. It’s starting to look like 2010 might give them their best shot yet.

And, they'd really like you to download the new Reason mixtape, the new Reason single, and pre-order the new Reason album. URB & PDP seem to have quite a few shared interests.

To do all of the above, and check out the full article, peep out here.

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