Thursday, March 11, 2010

Entity: Final Notice.

Continuing a series of PDP updates to get you up to speed on what the crew has been working on real quiet-like, we give you the latest from Washington DC producer Entity:


In 2006, Entity released Past Due, a compilation of tracks produced by the man himself, and featuring appearances by all of the usual PDP suspects, as well as Providence-area luminaries such as Need Not Worry (Formulatin' Fathers), DJ Mekalek, Crisis, Romen Rok, and Ricky Dutra, as well as elsewhere presences like Time Machine, Emilio Lopez, and theGenetics.

The original press was limited to 100 CDs and a digital release, during a time when people were still purchasing CDs and hadn't quite gotten completely onboard with the digital revolution. So, needless to say, while it was a great compilation of upbeat, headnod-worthy tracks, Past Due withered on the vine.

PDP was proud to announce that on June 1, 2010, Past Due will be re-released as a remastered CD with updated artwork, as well as a digital download.

Proud, that is, until, in a move that has confounded the marketing department here at Poorly Drawn Recordings, Entity made the album available for a "pick-what-you-pay" download on his Bandcamp site here and asked that we announce it. He just loves you people that much. So, while we're still proud of the album, the upcoming re-release is a bit anticlimactic at this point. Go get it for free now. CDs if you want them in June.


Also on June 1, Entity will unleash Second Wind, his long-awaited follow-up to Past Due, that includes songs recorded before, during, and after the Past Due sessions.

The official tracklisting is still being compiled, but listen to Past Due and you'll get the general idea. If you dig that album, you will get a serious case of sonic deja vu when Second Wind hits your speakers. And that worked out pretty well for Denzel Washington.


June is a long ways off though, and Entity ain't gonna make you wait that long with just one free project in your iPod.

On March 9, DJ Tone Capone released Entity's Final Notice: The UNmixedTAPE, a collection of outtakes, unreleased tracks, previously released material, and remixes from sessions and projects spanning 2002-2008.

Here's the tracklist for the tape, which you can download FREE here:
Crisis - Causing Panic (cuts Joeywonk)
Emilio Lopez - For All Time (entity edition)
Storm Davis ft Jon Hope - I Need You (snippet)
Storm Davis ft Frankie Riptide & Dox - Crazy MF Remix
DJ Dirty Dek - DEKalude
Storm Davis - Truth Crush
Meta P - I Could Go There
Crisis & 8th Wundah - Whisper
Soulhouette - Just Go
Soulhouette - Walk & Talk
Soulhouette - Cuz I Love You
Optic - The Idea
Optic - LAM
Optic - Everyday
Crisis - Studio Session Verse
Mister RP - Aint No Sunshine
Reason - Rock Rock On
Lootchiano ft Chino XL - Today
Visionaries - L.O.V.E Remix
The Generalz (Crisis & Swann Notty) - Twists

Earlier this week, while hungover from his attendance at a Jay-Z concert the night before, Entity sent an email update to Poorly Drawn Recordings, summarizing his new endeavors, in the signature manner we've come to love here at the Mansion:

Funny with the twitter update jokes...first and foremost. Appearently I speak another fuckin language. I'm releasing Final Notice my PRE-Album mixtape next Tuesday. I'm sure I can bump it up HOWEVER THAT is all I asked for as! I put Past Due on my bandcamp page, set a release date for second wind, AND have this tape coming out! Sounds like an announcement to me! If your busy FINE but dont bust my fuckin balls and downplay my releases. Now maybe none of you give a fuckin shit but I do. Its a release of mine and I would appreciate hte same announcement consideration as every other fuckin person with PDP REC. That being said my new website and other social means will be updated later...but for FUCK SAKE I would appreciate the fact that June 1st my album date is announced and my mixtape thats coming out or was supposed to come out next week was announced. Not to mention when I told you storm that I was releasing the mixtape next tuesday you failed to mention ANYTHING about reason releasing a tape that same day. I would appreciate a little INTERNAL communication and less fuckin jokes and take my stuff as seriously as any of your stuff.


No Entity, thank you.

Download Entity's "Final Notice" TODAY!


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