Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People We Know.

A few weeks back, Dirty Hank released a digital EP called I Might Need A Doctor that featured Storm Davis on the track "Burning In Water." If you missed it, its now the Featured Download at, a blog that's shown a healthy grip of PDP love in the past.

Now, Hank is offering one of his previous digital EPs, Dirty Hank's Guide to Giving Up, in hard copy CD format for your collecting pleasure. Here's what he says:
Nothing special here, slim cases, cd-r and a shitty printed label. But they come directly from me and I include a personalized death threat with each order. Stickers and other shit come with it too. they are 4 bucks shipping is free. they can reach me at this hankisdirty at
Concise and thorough. That's Dirty Hank for you. Salesman of the Year.

The Guide to Giving Up features PDP's Falside on beats and Reason on rhymes. If you ain't got it, go get it.

Also, this Saturday night, Reason joins Dirty Hank to throw down alongside friends-of-PDP Labeless Illtelligence, Big CityBumpus, The ProblemAddicts, TroopRaw and Mic.Feen as Providence welcomes Michigan's One.Be.Lo to the City Cafe. Details can be found here.

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