Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CAS UNO: Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb.

There's little doubt that if you've been to a PDP show over the past 5 years, you've experienced Cas Uno of Labeless Illtelligence. Whether its been when he's (sometimes quite literally) tearing apart the stage, downing brews by the billion at the bar, or holding court outside schooling the uninitiated on the finer points of his vast network of CASpiracy theories, he's been a consistent, strong, and welcome presence in our Poorly Drawn lives.

And he's got a new record for you.

His latest CD is Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb, and he has announced that it will be his last proper solo album. He was good enough to invite a good chunk of PDP to the farewell party, as Storm Davis and Reason make appearances on the mic and Dox handles production on numerous tracks. We urge you to pick up this album without hesitation. It's dope, and definitely the most consistent and accessible Cas Uno project to date.

Here's the science from Cas himself:
Pardon the delay. Especially with the build up. I got caught up these last 3 days and tried pretty damn hard to get everything all set before being loud with the release....

IF? you click the cover above, our pals at have it up for presale (even though they are holding now and will ship upon purchase).... Or you can paypal we at: to cop directly from we....

We'll get this out to the bloggers, magazines still existant, websites, web stores, and physical locations in the coming days.... But bottomline; It's here fams. It's finally here....

Support the song saga that is we selling sh!t, suckas.
Also, once you've copped the disc, make sure you check out Cas' super-thorough song-by-song breakdown of the album at the Labeless blog here.

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