Thursday, October 14, 2010

FALSIDE: October Update

Lil bro and PDP producer emeritus Falside has dropped knowledge regarding his latest comings and goings:

Whats the word internerds? The month of October has been nothing but productive. I am currently neck deep in unreleased material bound to make you heads nod. I’ll start off with announcing the title to my album, (yes my album). Dusty Knuckle Fan Club (D.K.F.C.). This will be my first official release/full length producer compilation featuring a culmination of artists from coast to coast. As of now, I do not have a release date, but rest assured it is on it’s way to completion (so keep it on your radar). For now, I can let you know that Jeru the Damaja, Stalley, Planet Asia, and Copywrite have all contributed DOPE to the project….but that is give or take 35% of the suprises in store.

Along with the release of Dusty Knuckle Fan Club I am working on a free mixtape with that will be a freebie bonus disc included with Dusty Knuckle Fan Club. In the upcoming month, I will be leaking two or three songs from the mixtape on the interwebs (most notably, a fire record with Pack Fm and RADIx, another with Canada’s grindhorse Noah23, and other gems with Lo-Life Meyhem Lauren and Queens wordsmith, Action Bronson).

On the home front, Reason (Poorly Drawn People) and myself will be announcing the release of our Free EP (Death Before Decaf). This is a collection of dope records we have completed over the summer/early fall months. More information on that project very soon. Rite Hook and myself also have some new kush brewing ready to fuck you in your ear drums. I am contributing to many upcoming Poorly Drawn People releases (The Million Dollar Dumpster Mixtape) and a collaboration with fellow PDP REC family, Educated Consumers.

You will not be able to avoid that promo onslaught once it begins.

That’s that, for now.


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