Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PDP: Stuff & Thangs.

Long time no update. Or, a month, anyway. Here's some of what's been keeping your favorite Poorly Drawn Peoples and their associates busy:

Last Saturday night, under the stars and adjacent to a beer tent filled with the first officially drinkable Narragansett beer (called "Fest," appropriately), Storm Davis, Reason, and Dox took the stage at the Rocktucket Block Party in Pawtucket, RI and made a whole bunch of new friends as we filled a half-hour with hip hop in an evening otherwise replete with noise-rock and its offshoot genres. The festival itself got a thumbs up from the crew, with the roped-off block filled with trendy cuisine-du-jour food trucks and universally happy drunks. And crackheads dancing with canes and finger-dancers on LSD. Our type of party. Many thanks to the Rocktucket organizers for having us.

The previous Wednesday, Cas Uno and Esh the Monolith of Labeless Illtelligence had Storm & Dox up to the House of Blues Boston to perform for the post-Fenway crowd. Labeless' Intrikit and his crew D.I.M. also contributed to the spectacle, and SD fell in love with a painting of an alligator by an artist named Jane McCord that hung over a booth in the pub area. It was appropriately titled "Alligator," and he regrets not snapping a picture of it. So many lost opportunities in this here rap game.

Dirty Hank, the Kato Kaelin of the PDP Universe, released a free 4-song downloadable EP called I Might Need A Doctor, featuring Storm Davis on one track and the sultry tones of Reason making some noise on another. Here's the official write-up for the project, plus a link to download the tunes:

“Providence, Rhode Island rabblerouser Dirty Hank is back with his second release of the year, “I Might Need A Doctor.” This short project is a follow up to his critically acclaimed EP, “The Guide To Giving Up” (a collaboration with renowned producer Falside).

After being placed on medical leave from work due to acute anxiety, Dirty Hank Chinaski mustered up enough energy (after many therapy appointments) to link up with producer MadPlaid to record 4 brand new booze-soaked, mania-steeped joints. Storm Davis of the Poorly Drawn People collaborative makes an appearance on “Burning In Water” and sidekick Reason (PDP) sneaks his way onto Hank’s “Gluten Freestyle” jammy.

The summer may be over, but, uhhh….fuck it, I can’t come up with anything clever to end it with. Download, share and enjoy. Hams!”


Follow Hank on twitter – twitter.com/dirtyhank

You can also stream the track "Burning In Water" featuring Storm Davis at PDP's Facebook page here.

Labeless boss Cas Uno has a new solo album on the horizon, and has leaked the first single, "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb." The title track is produced by Deto-22 of Phenetiks and features Esh the Monolith on the hook. Check it:

CasUno - Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

The full-length features appearances from PDP's Reason, Dox, and Storm Davis, among many others. We'll be sure to put you on to any other info as it comes, and let you know when it drops.

Dox continues to help alcoholics start their week off in their customary fashion at Clean Living every Monday night at Local 121 in Providence. Also a completely viable spot for watching Monday Night Football. See and be scene, all in one spot. Handy.

Reason has been making art. Click here to check it out and fall in love all over again.

Falside has been prepping for his producer showcase set at the Western Front in Boston on October 7. And doing a million other things, cuz that's how he rolls. You can get the scoop on alladat at Falside.com.

Entity has teased us with a leak from his 7-years-in-the-making album Second Wind called "Goodbye." It is unlike anything you've ever heard from the PDP camp, and a sound only Entity could provide to you. To listen and get your free download, check out Entity's Bandcamp site here.

What else? Work continues on at least a half dozen PDP-related projects that we'll get to you sooner or later, with Falside, Storm Davis, Entity, Reason, Dox, and Educated Consumers all involved in one way or another. But we've given you enough to read for today. You're gonna have to come back for that info when the time is right.

As always, we love you. Yeah, you.

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