Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Educated Consumers: Hello, Big Mamas.

Most of those who find themselves swept up in PoorlyDrawnMania (much like BeatleMania, without the bowl cuts, Neru jackets, and Shea Stadium) (and fans) were already somewhat familiar with our latest acquisition, number two starter Falside. Not as many are privy to the accomplishments of our two new corner outfielders, Seez Mics & T.E.C.K, also known as Educated Consumers.

Here's some background for you, straight from our Maryland mercenaries own press kit:
Educated Consumers is a HipHop duo composed of producer T.E.C.k! and MC SeezMics. The Educated Consumers critically acclaimed sound is born from their blend of HipHop’s Golden Eras: the early 90’s style of production and new millennium form of Mceeing. While T.E.C.k! uses the art of crate-digging to provide production, SeezMics meshes crisp technique with introspective content to speak on universal truths about human existence. The unique production and lyricism compliment each other to create a collage of HipHop’s best attributes.

Educated Consumers have achieved HipHop’s prized double-double: commercial success and underground respect. The group’s first label release “Aisle 2” reached #24 on the CMJ charts. The next two singles, “In The Pocket” and “Steal” steadily climbed the college radio charts. “In the Pocket” peaked at #2 on and Insomniac Magazine, while “Steal” peaked at #2 on and #1 on

SeezMics is one of the world’s most respected battle emcees with appearances in Scribble Jam, Brainstorm, and titles in every major battle in the DC/Baltimore/Virginia circuit. T.E.C.k!’s record collection and groove series “Mystery of Ages” have garnered him fame in the notoriously picky crate-digging culture, and he has provided beats for nationally recognized acts such as MarsIll, ResiNation, and TK.

Educated Consumers headlined the "No Merch For Oil" tour in July/August of '08. Educated Consumers also toured with Eyedea & Abilities in Spring '08 on the "Appetite for Distraction" tour, with Dezmatic on the "Bigfoot's Dick" tour in May/June '09, and June ’06 as part of the “Fish Can’t Carry Guns Tour.” In addition, they have rocked shows all over the U.S. at venues like 9:30 Club, The Ottobar, and Vans’ Warped Tour with the following groups: Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Murs, The Beatnuts, One.Be.Lo, Zion I, Eyedea & Abilities, Pigeon John, Lyrics Born, Living Legends, MacLethal, P.O.S., Inspectah Deck, UGod, GZA, MarsIll, Jedi Mind Tricks, J-Live, Chali 2na, Qwel, Reef The Lost Cauze, and Themselves.

SeezMics: raps, sports commentary, bad jokes, and REALLY bad jokes

t..E..C..K! aka J.Bomb.Beat: beats, spiritual guidance, and social critiques

Educated Consumers- s/t LP (2000)
Aisle 2- LP (2002, Modular Moods)
In The Pocket- 12 inch vinyl single (2004, VerIzUm Records)
Steal- 12 inch vinyl single (2006, VerIzUm Records)
It's About Effin Time- EP (2006, Man Bites Dog Records)
Write/Hear- LP (2007, VerIzUm Records)
The Waiting Room- EP (2008, VerIzUm Records)
Hello Big Mama- LP (2009, VerIzUm Records)
As you can see, the duo's latest release came in 2009 with Hello Big Mama, an album that featured EC's first collaboration with PDP, the song "My Us." EC invited Reason and Storm Davis to add verses to the track, and the rest, as they say, won't get fooled again.

Hello Big Mama was released digitally by VerIzUm Records, but PDP is proud to announce that in 2010, the first official physical release of the album will come courtesy of Poorly Drawn Recordings, in the form of a remastered state-of-the-art (circa 1984) compact disc with full touchable artwork.

When, you ask? When can you get your grubby lil paws on this gem?

Well, we don't know when, exactly. But we can tell you this: the re-release of Hello Big Mama will coincide with the release of the first full-length PDP/EC collaboration, Poorly Drawn Consumers (snappy, eh?), making for the first dual-release date in the history of PDP.

Poorly Drawn Consumers will be exactly what it sounds like: rhymes from Reason, Storm Davis, Seez Mics, and Dox, with production from T.E.C.K., Falside, Dox, and, should he grace us with his presence, Entity. Special guests? Sure. Posse cuts? But of course. Cuts from Sterbyrock? Fingers crossed. More info? Later.

Yes, we'll leave the details of that for another day, but that's what's happening. Over a half dozen tracks have already begun to take shape, and we plan to have both projects in your hands sooner than later.

In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with Educated Consumers by downloading their FREE EP The Waiting Room (from 2008) here.

Also, check out the ridiculous video for "Water" below.

Welcome aboard, fellas. We're glad you could join us.


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i think Aisle 2 was the first Educated Consumers project i had...IMMA BATTLE RAPPER & I'LL FUCK YOU UP...lmao!