Monday, February 22, 2010

The Year We Make Contact.

Hello not-so-young world,

Been a hot minute. Holidays, inactivity, on-the-low activity, procrastination, rasterization, last-place-facin', rat racin', fat lacin', Dick Grayson, Minister Mase-in', Flintstone-pacin', and alladat.

There. Excuses out of the way. We're back to officially announce that 2010 is about to kick off, a month and twentysomething days late.

But we's returned with a vengeance. And some new avengers to boot.


Poorly Drawn People has some new members, and a new way of doing biz.

First, get your e-clap on and welcome our latest signees, FALSIDE and EDUCATED CONSUMERS (Seez Mics & T.E.C.K.)!

You may be familiar with both, as they've been kicking 'round the Poorly Drawn universe for a minute now.


Falside has done a grip of production for us over the past few years (Reason's "Dead T-Shirts", Storm Davis' "Close To Me", among others), and drank more of our beer than we care to remember. Along the way established an impressive burgeoning indie hip hop career for himself, producing for a number of namedrop-worthy industry emcees that he'll be glad to tell you about over at


Educated Consumers are the first proper-Poorly Drawn mates from outside of the Providence, Rhode Island-area (no, Entity, you moving to DC doesn't count). Speaking of DC, right around the capitol-ish is where the veteran emcee/producer duo of Seez Mics & T.E.C.K. hail from (or maybe its Maryland, frankly, I'm more of a big-picture guy and these type of details just escape me), but Seez has spent enough couch-surfing time in the Poorly Drawn camp over the past couple of years to have earned official status. Plus, there'll be some official music collaborations from PDP & EC, and some Educated Consumers releases, that will hit you this year under the Poorly Drawn Recordings banner. In the meantime, get familiar at


Signees? A new way of doing biz? The Poorly Drawn Recordings banner? Whuuuuuut?


We've managed to go our entire existence without signing to, our establishing, an actual record label. Opportunities to do both have come up, but we figured that we've done pretty well as a collective, a team with a revolving roster that carried the same flag onto the field every game. But in the interest of forging ahead and reducing confusion for those who never got the whole 'collective' concept, we're simply shifting some responsibilities around and streamlining the way we do things. Same house, just got some new furniture.

Henceforth, solo projects from Reason, Storm Davis, Dox, Falside, and Entity will carry the Poorly Drawn Recordings logo. Projects from Educated Consumers that are under the PDP umbrella will do the same, and they will continue to seek and create opportunities outside of Poorly Drawn Recordings that best expand the EC brand. Projects from DJ Sterbyrock will continue to remain property of Sterbyrock, as he prefers to act as our live DJ and not engage in the day-to-day activities of what is now called Poorly Drawn Recordings.

When you see a "Poorly Drawn People" CD, or the name on a flyer, same as it ever was: Reason and Storm Davis on vocals and Dox mult-tasking in his usual fashion. But maybe you'll see and hear the rest of the crew too. It'll be a nice surprise for ya.

So really, in the end, we're still a collective. Just with an easier operating manual for the suits and the tax people to browse in the lobby of the PDP Mansion. For you, it just means more music and more Poorly Drawn projects for your well-worn Walkman.


Yes, announcement #3 announces announcements. To celebrate our new arrangement, we will begin a week of updates and, well, announcements, for each member, both new and old, of the PDP crew. You'll learn of new projects, new music, and a little bit about what we've been doing over the past 3 months to gear up for 2010. So remember to check back here every day this week, or get at us on Facebook, Twitter, or even dust off your MySpace account.

And as always, thanks for sticking with us. We'll do our best to make 2010 our best year yet.

glasses raised,

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Travis said...

about time we get some freaking answers around here! haha

Good to hear that 2010 will be the year of PDP....or the comeback of John Friesz, either/or