Monday, October 12, 2009

Kickin' It With Us, While You're Begging For Your Scene Back.

Last week we let loose the news that Seez Mics and Educated Consumers had invited PDP's Reason and Storm Davis to collaborate on a track for their upcoming album, Hello Big Mama. Well, turns out, it isn't upcoming. It's here.

And its dope.

Very dope.

And you know what's also dope? We're going to let you hear Seez, Storm, and Reas get busy over T.E.C.K.'s beat right here, right now. Just press play.

Educated Consumers feat. Poorly Drawn People - "My Us"

...and it just gets better and better on the rest of the record.

We implore you to go cop this (currently only available as a digital) album either at or via iTunes, or here at Strange Famous Records' digital store.

Tell 'em PDP sent you.

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