Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh The Douchebaggery.

The blogosphere / the blogosphere / the blogosphere is on FIYAH.

Okay, that didn't work.

Soon-to-be-reknowned Providence blogger Penny Earned had some good words to say about PDP recently in her snarky & acidic reading romp, Oh The Douchebaggery:

Washington St. is the new Crenshaw Blvd.
and it's in full swing.

Peep the Pharcyde reference? That's 'cause I have been kickin' it nineties style lately. Oh my, am I excited. I caught these d.j.'s spinning at my new favorite local haunt, the aforementioned Local 121 and I was in high school again. Mad props to the Poorly Drawn People crew...and I don't just throw out props indiscriminately. Props is precious, son.

So, these guys were playing some of my favorites and because god is awesome they were also handing out free c.d.'s---my copy quickly found it's way into the black hole underneath my car seat, only to be found one glorious day as I was looking for my bic. And, EUREKA! Three weeks later it's still in heavy rotation.

Finally, a Rhode Island act that doesn't suck...and hasn't yet relocated to Brooklyn.

Seriously. Check them out at SoundSessions.

I'll be the one attempting to pop-lock like only a white girl can.

link here to get the best variety of download...the free kind

Peep the original article and take a look around here.

And I can pretty much guarantee that there is no fucking way in fucking hell that we will be moving to fucking Brooklyn anytime soon. And I put that on God.


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