Friday, July 17, 2009

IndieArts Festival 2009.

Last year, PDP rocked the inaugural IndieArts Fest at 1pm on the hottest day of the year. PDP Chief-of-Security Petey Wheatstraw had to drag an over-exuberant (and most likely homeless) dancin' fan from the stage, the fellas had a grand ol' time self-censoring in real time once they surveyed the crowd and saw that it was a family-friendly event, and SD refused the sale of PDP t-shirts to a family who wanted them solely so they could soak them, wear them as turbans, and toss them away. That ain't how we roll, I don't care how hot it is. Keep your $10.

We did, however, give away 'nuff merch, including a t-shirt to a down-on-his-luck fan who claimed, "I'm homeless now, but when I had a home, you know, before I lost it, I used to listen to PDP in it all the time."

A week later we saw used-to-have-a-house guy get into a fight outside one of our favorite local watering holes while wearing his Kegstand Poet t-shirt. It was torn to shreds.

Oh well, we tried.

So come make some more nearly-interesting anecdotes with us this Saturday at 5pm. It's outdoors and free, so skip Rock The Bells in Mansfield and go see the House Of Pain reunion at the tour stop in NY on Sunday. Cuz if you high tail it out of Providence, this is what you'll be missing:

The IndieArts Fest is a free arts & music festival located in Greater Kennedy Plaza, beginning at 12:30 PM and running throughout the day until 11:00 PM. IndieArts Fest features over 25 performers on 3 stages including live bands, DJ's, spoken word, and dance. The Red Bull Music Academy hosts one of the stages which features an eclectic mix of DJ’s. In addition to the stage, RBMA will also be running a workshop covering all aspects of music including production, DJ-ing, and the business
of music.

The IndieArts Fest is also home of The Arts Exchange, a bazaar featuring artists, crafters, music, posters, collectables, art objects, food, and beverage. We are proud to host our Indie Brew Beer Garden featuring independent and regional breweries.

Start growing your facial hair so you can compete for prizes in this year's General Burnside's Best Facial Hair Contest. Did you say cat fight?.. Well The Providence Roller Derby will be bringing a specially arranged bout to this year's festival. Before the Derby, test out your ability to skate in the Fountain of Youth Skate Park. After dusk, ACME Video, a local staple of Independent film, will be hosting a film showcase in Grant's Block.

Learn more about the excellent all-day-and night festival here:

Here's the write-up on PDP on the IndieArts website:

Poorly Drawn People at IndieArts Fest, July 18

Poorly Drawn People is a social club for gentlemen of leisure. Members include Storm Davis, Reason, Dox, Entity, and DJ Sterbyrock.

PDP are renowned for their capacity to enjoy outings, robust libations, the companionship of sharp-witted and randy ladyfriends, and a well-prepared eggplant dish.

PDP will, on occasion, craft a collection of rap songs possessing such musical significance that peers, professionals, and rivals are driven to eventually acknowledge its existence. Begrudgingly.

PDP have made award-winning albums, many, many mistakes, and a great impression on your mother that one time. Tell her we said hello.

PDP is furious, melodic 21st-century boom bap, and/or, party rap records for when the party is over.

IndieArts Fest attendees can catch Poorly Drawn People on the Fringe Stage at Burnside Park from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. In the meantime, they can find more about the band at their website and Myspace.

Click here to see it with pretty pictures.

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paula said...

Hey Dox, I am use to have house guy's girl. We are both currently residing in Rehab in Woon. RI. I dont get out much. But I wanted to check out your site when I noticed the write up about John. After that day we saw Storm at Sages record shop. He gave us Shoot/Stars. It is great, John rec. saw SD again and got the new cd. I can relate to the stress. Although at times I miss the madness. Hey we got to see you guys live. Hope to see you live again real soon. Keep on making such great music. Bigger fans than youll ever know. Paula Feel free to write back at