Monday, August 3, 2009


Will you look at that? We did it again. Really, you did it again.

Thanks and love to all of you who took the time to vote in the 2009 Providence Phoenix Music Poll. Because of your support, Poorly Drawn People (Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / Entity / DJ Sterbyrock) have been named Best Hip-Hop Act!

Here's the verbiage from this week's issue:

Poorly Drawn People vocalist Storm Davis recommended I holler at Pat Riley about the “3-Peat” patent as Poorly Drawn People get thrice as nice, taking the Best Rap Act crown for the third consecutive year. It’s pretty damn hard to argue, especially since dropping their latest full-length release, Motion Not Emotion, the springtime follow-up to the hefty mixtape Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling, which included personal favorite “No Interruptions” (old-timers will appreciate the Grand Daddy I.U. sample). Dope Motion cuts “Celebrity Rehab,” “Might Blow Up, Might Go Pop,” and “Stress Filled Days” are proof-positive that PDP remains calibrated on the target. With Storm and Reason on the mic, DOX on the boards, and cuts from legendary ’RIU radio host DJ Sterbyrock, Poorly Drawn People is an undeniable force on a Rhode Island rap scene currently peppered with top-shelf talent.

3_ Theo
4_Jon Hope

Click here to check out the article on the Providence Phoenix site.

While technically our 2007 win was for the Best Album category (for Kegstand Poetry), we're proud to have kept your attention long enough to rack up 3 victories in a row. This award is really yours, for keeping us in your lives and iPods and car stereos for nearly half a decade now (we're less than 10 months from our 5-year anniversary), and we're proud and humbled to be able to maintain relevance like that, especially in the disposable mixtape-a-week culture of today's music world. So, really and truly, thanks to each one of you.

Much respect due to Chachi, Theo, Jon Hope, Labeless Illtelligence, and Romen Rok, our hip hop brethren and friendly rivals in this year's poll. Every single one of them is worthy of your attention, and we hope you take time to check them out. Google dem shitz.

Right now we're trying to make some new sounds to try and earn some more of your love, but we'll be back in your ears and inboxes soon enough.

One more time: thanks.


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